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José Makila unveils priority areas for action

A vision, an ideal. Two epithets, José Makila Sumanda, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Communication, when taking office on Friday, December 23, 2016, at the third level of the glittering government building. Very sober discount. Indeed, the new boss of Transcom has unveiled the major axes reformers in which he plans to make improvements. It is the aeronautics, road, rail, river and lake sectors. As a patented observer of this vital sector of national life which is transport, José Makila Sumanda aims as a priority to attack the causes that the consequences which is the high rate of traffic accidents. It aims to improve and modernize infrastructures, airport and navigation equipment in order to adapt them to international standards. In this strategic artillery of the actions to be carried out, it did not allow itself to do without its great vision of performance by relying on capacity building and its support to the company Congo Airways. A major reform is expected in the road transport sector where it has promised to end the import of cars at the right wheel and increase the control of driving licenses.

The newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Transport and Ways of Communication, exudes this salutary vision. José Makila Sumanda won his new position on Friday 22 December. In his very first communication, he distilled some priority axes of what he will do. Turned towards the action that towards the discourse, it proved pragmatic, a link between the policy of the Government and the sectoral actions. True to the praxis of the Head of State, the Deputy Prime Minister intends to embody his ministry to the needs of the population in terms of transport.

It is in this perspective that it is for the aeronautics sector to ensure the improvement of the air transport security of the Democratic Republic of Congo with a view to reducing accident rates. It aims to promote the development and improvement, modernization of airport infrastructures and equipment as well as air navigation in order to subject them to international standards. In its actions, it will support the Airline Congo Airways for the expansion of its domestic and international network by the acquisition of new aircraft. His ministry will work to remove the DRC from the blacklist of the European Union.

In the road sector, he plans to keep Transco running smoothly and to continue expanding the “spirit of life” program in the provinces. In this road sector, it wants to weigh its full weight to end, with the assistance of provinces, the importation of vehicles with right-hand drive commonly known as “ketch” source of many accidents in large cities . Also, end the detention of false driving licenses in order to combat the indiscipline of drivers.

In the rail sector, it intends to rehabilitate not only infrastructure and promote railway networks on the national territory, but also to promote railway capacity building.

With regard to the river and lake sector, the new owner of Transcoms has promised to promote river and lake shipping for the already rehabilitated units of the SCTP; Strengthen the capabilities of RVF officers to ensure safe navigation on the river and lakes.

It is strong from this vision that he thinks to bring a more on what his predecessor had planned.