Congo RDC NORTH KIVU BETWEEN DEMOCRACY AND WARS Joseph Kabila Kabange, remains concerned


Joseph Kabila Kabange, remains concerned

You want to create disorder. You threaten us if there are no elections next December. You say it’s December or nothing, “Joseph Kabila said on Monday, June 26, from Lubumbashi, where he has been staying for some time, before and after his return to Pretoria, to the Main Committee Mixed RDC-RSA. But also, after its multiple descents in the Great Kasai to the rescue of victims of the militiamen Kamuina Nsapu of which Tshikapa was only the third stage, after that of Kananga and Mbuji-Mayi. In front of the Senators, Provincial and National Deputies, including the religious denominations, gathered for the occasion in the heart of the former cuprifer capital, the Congolese Head of State has raised the tone, leaving behind his few tips Of the Catholic Bishops’ Declaration, as well as the extent of the responsibilities that he would certainly have already taken in the face of what he now sees as a threat to institutional stability, An attempt to outbid political or chaos organized under the pretext of claiming, whatever the conditions, the holding of elections, at the end of December 2017. “Should we go to the elections without the Kasai?” , Before issuing a warning to all offenders, wherever they come from.
A short distance from June 30, 2017, the President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila Kabange, remains concerned about the problem of maintaining order and restoring state authority throughout the country.
He said so well to the notables, Deputies, Senators as well as to the religious confessions of Katanga. He had previously said it to those in the Grand Kasai area during his recent tour of the area, which was waged by militiamen Kamuina Nsapu.
On the whole, the message of the Bishops, beyond their profession of faith in peace, is interpreted in different ways. If he was applauded on the side of the Opposition, more precisely the Rally of Limete, it was not the case, on the side of the Majority. Here, it is President Kabila who, this time, comes back himself, since the Bishops had spoken on June 23 last.
There he read threats of disorder. He also finds, if it is to be interpreted in quotes, this matter of fetishism of date or month. “December or nothing,” he repeats, as if to say that if there are no elections, what would happen? On two feet, the President of the Republic returns, in turn, the warning. Without going into the smallest details, he reminded everyone of the order and warned against any attempt to destabilize the legally established institutions.
Already, the Majority, its own political family, in a declaration in Kinshasa, denounced the infiltration of the CENCO to the obscure and foreign political forces. And, on that occasion, it aligned itself with the work of the CENI and the almanac that the latter could, at the appropriate time, announce for the holding of the elections in RD. Congo.
Thus, the enlarged Presidential Majority to the allies of the Rassemblement de Kasa-Vubu, with Joseph Olenghankoy, Bruno Tshibala, Lisanga, Lumeya, Ingele and other newcomers in power, as well as the teammates, Of the Agreement of 18 October 2016, remain, in any case, on the theses of the CENI.
At the will of the Electoral Central, the enrollment will be done gradually until we integrate the populations of Grand Kasaï in the file. Essential laws will only be considered in Parliament after the electoral roll has been finalized. The timetable will only be known once all the conditions have been satisfied. The call for candidates will only take place if and only if the electoral register is closed and made public. In other words, the evaluation of the electoral process, in the absence of the CNSA, as envisaged in the Agreement of 31 December 2016, would constitute a violation of the latter. Then, the exact dates of the ballots should not be fixed until they know both the electoral roll and the number of candidates. All this would take how long? Such was apparently the calling of the Bishops in their message which, unfortunately, raises enormous waves.