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Several challenges for the new Minister.ESU: what students expect from Steve Mbikayi

Steve Mbikayi Mabuluki is the new Patron of Primary and Vocational Education. He officially took office on December 23, 2016 after the handover with Professor Theophile Mbemba. The new Minister certainly does not have an easy task. The majority of students do not give him enough luck especially that it is not a Professor. Prosperity, in its mission to search information at the source went to Universities and Higher Institutes to exchange with a sample of students about their expectations with respect to the new Minister of Higher Education and University. It should be recalled that the micro-walkman was made, among others, at the National Pedagogical University, UPN in acronym; The Higher Institute of Applied Techniques, ISTA; The Higher Institute of Commerce, ISC; The Institut Supérieur Pédagogique de la Gombe, ISP Gombe; And the Faculty Institute of Information and Communication Sciences, IFASIC. In light of these exchanges, it is necessary to say that Steve Mbikayi will have to do everything possible to not only clean up his sector but also to fight corruption that has taken up residence in higher education. With regard to the interventions of the students, three things returned in their words. They expect the new Minister to be rigorous in decision-making, determination to fight all forms of corruption and, finally, a desire to clean up the sector. Although the new minister is known to the majority of students, it is rather his management and leadership skills that many are unaware of.

Through T-N, 20-year-old Graduate Student, option management information at the SAI describes the new Minister in these terms: “Personally, I often see it on television. I know he’s a politician because he makes statements, but I do not know if he will live up to this great world. What I can ask him is to work for the welfare of the students and not the politicians because he is our Minister. He must do everything possible to find solutions to our problems. Today, especially we girls have a serious problem with regards to our success. I have just arrived at the University, but we are learning a lot about odds. When a Teacher wants you, you are obliged to give in to the risk of not succeeding in his course. What will happen if the same professor gives a course of great weight? There is all the risk either of resuming the year, or of falling squarely on its course. Or better to yield his body to the benefit of odds. So, like a father of a family, the Minister must also secure us. ”

For his part, H-N, G1 electronic at ISTA, 23 years, the new Minister must militate to equip students with sophisticated instruments of practice. “Today there are new information and communication technologies, but our country is struggling to adapt. Everything changes, including training and even teachings, but at home the Professor, Heads of Works and Assistants stagnate. We are taught with syllabuses 20 years old or more. Syllabuses that are the same age as us. We see that there is no effort on the part of the teacher in terms of their own upgrading. We believe that during his term of office the Minister will also advocate for the upgrading of professors and, above all, insist that the various courses taught in the academic world be adapted to the reality and even the evolution of the world in the field of education. ‘Education’.

Sarah L-, L2 Commercial Sciences, Gombe Superior Pedagogical Institute, 26 years: “Before going elsewhere, Minister Steve Mbikayi must begin with corruption. This is the very basis of everything. We have realized that in Higher Education and Universities we do not pass classes because we are intelligent, but rather because we have money, because we are easily manipulable when we are ” Acts of a woman. And above all, because one can easily render sexual services to different Teachers or Teachers. There is also this case of the obligation to purchase syllabuses. Therefore, it is difficult or impossible to succeed in a course when you have not bought the syllabus or without paying the copyright. It is not intelligence that is lacking, but the means. Hence, you will realize that those who finish school today do not have a high standard, they rather have money to corrupt. I even think that is the main cause of unemployment in our country. ”

Elvis M., G3 IFASIC, 24: “The truth is that the new Minister does not have the easy task especially with regard to corruption in academic circles. In our Universities and Superior Institutes everything is bought, nothing is free while we pay academic fees each year. One pays the Syllabus, Interrogations, TP, collections, papers, sometimes even places to put themselves. And then, it must make an effort to stabilize academic fees in all public universities. What explains why the SAI pays more than the UPN? Why does UNILU pay more than the University of Kinshasa when we all know that these two universities belong to the State? I know that this new government does not have a long life, but we are asking Minister Steve Mbikayi to go straight to find solutions in academia. It will be necessary to think of the problem of elastic years in certain universities of which UNIKIN “.

Noëlla T-, L1 UPN, 28: “I have learned that he is the promoter of a great international school, I am counting on him to improve teaching at the university level. I do not want to be severe with him because I know that to fight baseness, we must start with the base, that is, the primary school. So I suggest that he talk to his colleague at the EPSP to solve this problem at the primary school level, so at university everything will go well, and even very well. The Minister should also draw the ears of professors, if necessary sanction them with regard to corruption. In view of what I am wasting, I am obliged to bring at least 10,000 FC each day to buy syllabuses, TP, Interrogations, etc. Why can the State not ensure that Syllabuses are free? I believe that this is not a problem of means, but rather of will. And we count on the Minister to make this dream come true soon. ”

MM-Gabrielle, G3 communication UPN, 21: “I suggest that the new minister can make the rounds from time to time to make himself aware of what students call academic realities. In vain, if he does not realize the suffering of the students, it is useless. Because corruption has taken up residence, no matter what day he decides to come, he will always find antivaleurs here. It’s shameful to say it, but we have no other choice, higher education is polluted to the spinal cord. The Professors consider the University as a business. Let’s calculate, we are 1200 students in an audience, and the lab sells at 500FC, when you do the mathematical exercise, you’ll quickly realize that for a single audience, the Professor or CT reaches 600,000 CFF per day. We urge the Minister to carry out, without delay, raids on the ground. ”

In view of these different interventions, the ESU Patron can already measure the responsibility of his mission and understand the extent to which students need his rapid reaction to several ills that corrode university education. Moreover, it should be noted that Steve MBKAYI is the man of position and he can change things. It is also the man of difficult conditions, it is present where no one sees it coming, and active where everyone has failed.

Kevin Inana