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Solsico honors Doctor Joseph Kibangula

This is a first in the history of the DRC and the city-province of Kinshasa, to see a union of nurses raise one of its honorary officials. This is the Solidarity of the Union of Nurses of the Congo “Solsico” which now has its offices located on Kandakanda avenue No. 54 in the commune of Kalamu. A room of this permanence will bear, forever, the name of Doctor Joseph Kibangula. It was yesterday that he himself inaugurated this meeting room in front of the executives of the Solsico as well as representatives of several unions of the nurses of different health institutions of Kinshasa. This rise is a mark of gratitude of the current staff of the Solsico and all its members to this human rights activist. Present at the site, the Coordinator of the Patriotic Movement of the Congolese Youth (MPCJ), Samy Wetshi, officially presented him the diploma of merit entitled “True Patriot”.

It was yesterday, Wednesday, December 28, 2016, that the meeting room “Joseph Kibangula” was inaugurated. It was a surprise for this nominee “True Patriot” by the Patriotic Movement of Congolese Youth (MPCJ). The new building that serves the permanence of the Solsico has more than 7 rooms. Apart from the one named after Dr. Joseph, it should be noted that there are also two other meeting rooms dedicated to Ms Jeanne Mpwekela (Second Provincial Executive Secretary) and the current Provincial Executive Secretary, Mr. Corneille Mbala. According to him, other meeting rooms will be inaugurated very soon.

Solidarity obliges, Doctor Joseph Kibangula was honored not only by his own, but also by the delegates and nurses of various trade union structures who had marked their presence this event. These include CNPP nurses’ unions, the Kinshasa General Provincial General Hospital (Maman Yemo), the University Clinics, the General Stewardship, the Mother and Child Center Hospital, and others.


The dual event ceremony allowed both to paint a picture of the person of Dr. Joseph Kibangula. Cornelius Mbala expressed himself in these terms: “the qualities of Kibangula are not to be hidden. When he arrived as Provincial Executive Secretary, at the Ngaliema clinic, he was the first person to organize the Ngaliema delegation. That’s one thing. In 1988, there was a strike of the nurses at the town hall and it was with Joseph Kibangula. Today, we are in a process called COSIC (Confederation of Nurses’ Unions) which will take place in a few weeks. It is through him that these initiatives have come. On the other hand, Ms Jeanine Umba, Provincial Secretary in charge of Finance, welcomed the work carried out by the nominee “True Patriot” who, against the winds and tides, managed to control himself by refusing to renounce his dedication In favor of nurses. “He was imprisoned several times and we were always ready to support him. We had seen him many times at the peril of his life, but now he is there on this day. Kibangula is a true fighter who deserves more than what is offered today, “she said.


In his speech, Dr. Kibangula, with tears almost in his eyes, was filled with joy. Before his audience, before his speech, he observed a time of silence, revisiting his past so quickly in delusional moments. Then he took courage to utter a cry: “Vidjana! “. To the public to resume: “Cocorico, cocorico, never betray the Congo”. It was under this note of courage that he began to provide advice to his audience. “I have had several arrests in this country. What you do today is first for others and not for yourselves. Whoever has located, his ideal can then give his life to universal well-being. If we want to go further in this country and in our organizations, let us put aside differences and divisions. Cohesion will enable us to survive and advance our country. So many times in the jail, if you did not support me by shouting “justice” I will never be released. Parents, I ask you to send your children to school, to the University, that they follow training that will serve for the emergence of the country, “he hammered.

Aubin Kandembi