Congo RDC Congolese Today If a country could develop with beautiful speeches, DRC would be very advanced speculation in the prices of necessities in the various markets of the country


speculation in the prices of necessities in the various markets of the country

The government of the Republic, through the Ministry of the Economy, has adopted a number of measures to end the surge and speculation in the prices of basic necessities in the various markets of the country. These include, among other things, the revitalization of the monitoring committee for essential products, the establishment of synergy between the productive or sectoral ministries, and the establishment of regular price controls with economic operators with a view to to impose sanctions on speculators.

These measures were announced by the Minister of Economy, at the end of her visit, last Saturday, to the markets of La Liberté, Somba Zigida, Gambela and the Grand Marché located in Kinshasa, to feel the finger reality of food prices on the ground.

Before their application, Acacia Bandubola said, they were proposed by his ministry to the government and approved by the 18th Council of Ministers which met on Friday, January 31.

While reassuring of the imminent fall in the prices of basic necessities, she also called on the population to be patient.

“The government of the DRC, through the governance of the Prime Minister who is putting solutions in place to meet the vision of the Head of State is finding adequate solutions, cyclical solutions [short term, editor’s note] but especially structural, so that the problem is definitively eradicated. We just have to be patient because we are working from the perspective of the people first. This is our creed, this is our mission ” , said A. Bandubola.

* The causes of the soaring prices of essential products on the markets *

According to the Ministry of the Economy, of the 45 basic necessities tracked on the markets, almost 7 have been affected by the rise in prices including chicken, beans, brown sugar and horse mackerel.

The price of beans, for example, has increased due to the deterioration of the Kisangani-Bunia-Nyanya highway. This does not allow the trucks going to the production centers to go to the distribution centers, said A. Bandubola, before announcing the upcoming rehabilitation of this road by decision of the government.

In the case of chicken, the price of this product has been revised upwards following the import ban imposed on the company Minocongo internationally. This explains, according to the number one in the national economy, the rarity of this good on the markets.

On the other hand, added Minister Bandubola, the price of sugar has increased in the markets due to the poor harvest due to weather problems. She also announced that more than 20 thousand tonnes of brown sugar is already in Kinshasa and the price may be lowered in the coming days.

After taking “adequate” measures by the government to resolve this crisis of the rise in prices of basic necessities on the markets, Minister Bandubola urged the population not to lend themselves to speculation due to the scarcity of these goods.