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The electoral calendar divides more than it unites Congolese

The electoral calendar divides more than it unites

A march provokes a counter-march in Kinshasa and in the provinces of the country. The least we can say is that the Majority and the Gathering want, oddly, to walk at the same time and the same day of Tuesday, November 28, 2017. The Majority will, it seems, support the calendar. While the Rally, through a demonstration of the forces, will rather reject it.

Pro and anti-calendar?

The electoral calendar divides more than it unites the political actors around the issue of the holding of free, transparent, fair, democratic and peaceful elections on the horizon at the end of December 2018. At the Opposition, more specifically at the Gathering of Political and Social Forces Acquired to change, this calendar carries the seeds of inapplicability. As it stands, with so many constraints, this calendar, after the analysis of the Gathering, can neither bring the Congolese people to the polls, nor devote the democratic alternation so much desired in the governing bodies of the country. False, retort one, to the Majority. According to her, the Opposition, which was keen on asking for the timetable, has only to prepare for the elections whose schedule, as published on November 5, 2017, is a response to one of its main demands.

Deaf language

Like what, between the Majority and the Gathering, it is the language of the deaf. But, to do battle, the Rally is planning a protest march for Tuesday, November 28th. The information has been repeatedly confirmed by the officials at both the base and the Council of Wise Platform born in Genval, the time Etienne Tshisekedi, died February 1, 2017 in Brussels and whose body no was neither repatriated to Kinshasa, nor buried in N’sele, still held the banner of the fight and waved yellow and red cards at the place of power as President Kabila’s late second and last December 19, 2016, before it obviously benefits from an extension of twelve months, based on the agreement of the New Year’s Eve, concluded after direct discussions, organized under the aegis of Bishops, at the Interdiocesan Center. And, curiously, the same day of November 28, the Majority projects, in turn, a march of support to the calendar.


Already, in view of the perceptible collusion between the fighters and militants of these two major political camps, it is feared that this results in a situation likely to degenerate into a confrontation with biceps, uppercuts, knives or, then to the weapon whose consequences would be immeasurable. Why did you choose the same day to demonstrate for or against the calendar? Who will authorize these demonstrations to take place across the country and, in particular, in Kinshasa, the seat of the institutions? What is the strategy of going out on the street instead of meeting around a table, discussing this calendar or, at the very least, imagining the political solution to the case of Elections within the time limits provided for in the Agreement, by 31 December 2017, at the latest, at the end of the extension of 12 months and the lapse of the Agreement and the review of the implementation of the confidence-building measures whose thorny issue is the consensual management of the new transition post-December 31, 2017 and the political easing until the elections at the end of December 2018?

The sentence of the Bishops

Meanwhile, from November 22 to 24, 2017, the Bishops will be in extraordinary general assembly. For them, it will be a question of examining in substance the New Year’s Eve Agreement, the timetable and, if necessary, the constraints expressed. Those who, of course, sponsored the direct discussions, would have a say and some recommendations to make. As much as they can, the appointment is made for November 24, the day of the closing of their assizes.

Udps: the conclave of Tshibala …

As we approach the riots of November 28, the current Prime Minister, Bruno Tshibala Nzenzhe, convenes, for its part, the fighters and executives of the Udps in conclave. Moreover, such a demonstration, far from making the happiness of Kabund, Felix Tshisekedi and Augustin Kabuya, could only ignite the climate within the UDPS which, however, is deleterious, since the disappearance of Etienne Tshisekedi, the lider maximo, warns an impartial observer, under the seal of anonymity.

Hard week

All these ingredients together suggest that we will first be at a very hectic start to the week, with the same Tshibala expected in Parliament, for the presentation of Budget 2018, with a series of justifications for the implementation of the 2017 budget. as well as a nod to accountability for the 2016 fiscal year. Two former Prime Ministers who recently had to fight each other through the press will be back in the limelight.