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Union of Democrats for the Renaissance of Congo


Press Conference of the President of Udrc

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

It is from August 15, 2016 we announced to you and our whole nation will come together in this new political grouping called the “Union of Democrats for the Congo Renaissance” in Udrc acronym.

After many sacrifices of our co founders party activists for obtaining administrative documents in accordance with the Laws of the Republic, we engaged with them to find this Permanence for organize our political activities daily.

The little below already launched projects which are as follows:

Erecting a large hangar for routine political mornings every Friday;
Providing our political militants training academy in accordance with the statutes of the party;
Establish offices for proper administration that reflects the greatness of our political party;
Finally, invite the press that you and several national and foreign personalities to commemorate the official release which, however, was already scheduled for the end of this month.

Alas! Suffering that we announce that all these efforts have just been sabotaged on 19 and 20 September 2016, with the wind of peaceful demonstration and said that spawned several dozen casualties among our compatriots; and among whom there were minor children coldly slaughtered or burned alive.

Before continuing, and respect for all the victims who died, we may be permitted to observe a minute of silence together.

We are standing ….

We extend our condolences to all the bereaved families.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press;

Our party (the Udrc) which started its operation in pain, was the first to suffer the looting of several goods dated Monday, September 19 in the morning.

And as if that was not enough, on the night of September 19 to 20 current, the other destructive tasteless came to the fire that had already ransacked the day. Damage to the naked eye demonstrate that there has been use of grenades and other very dangerous explosives.

Here’s how those outside the law have called us back to the box. With your camera, you may well find this damage.

Thus we recall here that the right to protest is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed both by international legal instruments ratified by our country, by the Basic Laws, it is inadmissible to indulge in such violence behind market.

It is also an opportunity for us to remind the Forces of the Order of the Republic they are required to duty of neutrality. Nobody has the right to exploit them for criminal purposes.

The nation has already lost several million compatriots in the eastern part of the Republic in multiple civil wars and aggression that have not unfortunately solved the problem of social people.

Today it is particularly Beni our compatriots and residents of neighboring countries that continue to pay the price with dozens of deaths and attacks every week; hundreds of orphans are abandoned to their fate; thousands of displaced homeless and millions of young people deprived of their right to solidarity.

In the Commission “Security” dialogue, when the Civil Society described the massacres of Beni, nobody has been able to contain his tears.

If in the east there is the problem of growing insecurity, it should be stressed that all the Republic is now facing another political crisis on the non respect of the texts, and which should be call “the problem of political mandates that violate the Constitution.” Here there is much to say, everything started maintaining provincial assemblies outside the mandate, the ghost Senate, irregular Governors and unelected territorial frameworks.

Although the second term of the current President draws to a close, as everyone admits (including us who doubt yesterday under the imperium concepts), it is a serious problem within the organization of the poll for find a successor to the polls, not weapons.

That is why Udrc agreed to go solve this critical issue in the inclusive political dialogue whose work will soon be closed under the international facilitation.

Given all the above, and considering the 56 years of multifaceted suffering of the Congolese people, the Udrc emphasizes the following:

It encourages really peaceful public demonstrations;
It condemns, in person, the massacres of peaceful Kinshasa and destruction of property of others;
It notes with bitterness that Kinshasa just experienced one sequence of what happens in Beni.
Thus, Udrc invites everyone to respect the Constitution and all laws of the Republic.

Long live the peaceful alternation,

Long live the Democratic Republic of Congo

Thank you

For Udrc

Bruno Mavungu Puati

National President