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The Agreement Urban Sport for All of the Group Corporate and Professional Kinshasa (EUSpT-GCPK), under the coordination of Mr. Jean-Marie BOLIBA, coordination President and Vice President of External Relations of the Congolese Federation of Sport for All (FECOSpT), is organizing the 1st edition 2016, “Kinshasa, Sport for All” under the theme “Be a sport and solidarity for Congo united, multicultural and prosperous.” To believe Jean-Marie BOLIBA, the organization of the first edition, Kinshasa Sport for All is open to Kinshasa residents of any age and sex, without distinction of race, various classes and backgrounds. As part of physical education and free recreational or sporting activities organized for the benefit of many people, fitness walking promotes regular physical activity to the evolution and development of each. Hereinafter, the process of the economy EUSPT-GCPK over its activities and objectives pursued.

The growing interest shown by people throughout the world for sports related to Health and Physical Condition is a universal finding IOC, WHO and UNESCO. Researchers from various fields have discovered that by doing SPORT FOR ALL:

The feelings of aggression automatically give way to social contacts;
Delinquency and marginalization will be replaced with the joy and pleasure to participate in recreational activities fostering new relationships.

Today more than ever, we all have a responsibility to know the sport as an essential element of well-being of individuals and society. So we all have a responsibility to encourage and support the development of sport for all in our respective communities.

But many are asking the question: “WHAT IS TO MAKE THE SPORT?

The answer is simple;

For fun, feeling in his body;
To improve quality of life, release stress, physical activity provides the physical and emotional well-being;
To keep in shape because physical activity that muscle be it smooth or pain, keep your body healthy;
To go to meet others, create links.
To promote the exchange and conviviality.
In short, physical activity and sport in its contributions to the body, psychological and socio-cultural, is an important element in the process of developing and promoting PUBLIC HEALTH is the expression of all athletic abilities population.

The purpose of holding “KINSHASA SPORT FOR ALL” is the socialization and well-being of the population. This is an open day for all participants and amateur recreational sport. It promotes the exchange, conviviality and fills your day with an exciting recreational sport, unconditional nor sex nor age sporting level, is a medium to gather, share and exchange. It creates situations of citizen assistance and reconciled society.

Physical and sport for all in the workplace, school, student, family and sociocultural: Reduced absenteeism;

Decreases morphological deformities;

Generally improves productivity and contributes to a dynamic economy at any level and regenerates the social climate in all layers of society.

Brief overview on Sport for All

The body movement is life. GOD created the human structure for movement. Already in Rome and ancient Greece, thinkers such as Thales and Juvenal saw a strong link between exercise and intelligence. And Galen, the Roman Emperor of the 2nd Century advocating physical activity to maintain health.

Then, the vision of Pierre de Coubertin in 1919: “All Sports for All” which gave the impetus and established a new conception of sport in society.

DR. Congo, Sport for All was introduced by the late Lucien TSHIMPUMPU wa TSHIMPUMPU, Minister of Youth, Sports and Leisure of the former. Zaire after a servicing mission conducted in Europe. He was the first President of the Congolese Federation of Sport for All (FECOSpT) and representative of the International Association of Sport for All in our country. He was succeeded by Patriarch Justin-Marie BOMBOKO, one of the pioneers and fathers of the independence of the DRC who also bowed out in Belgium on 04/10/2014. After the 2014 elections, a new committee was set up, headed by Ms Lyly TSHIMPUMPU which is expected to also lead the women’s football at the national level.

Sport for All’s contribution in the Company

Sport for All is a component of continuing education, promotes social environment integration, integration in life, communication and expression for everyone to take responsibility and to participate in community life at every level no age limit. It allows the tolerance, sharing, camaraderie, teamwork and community.

In short, the SPORT for ALL consists in the organization of physical education and free recreational or sporting activities organized for the large number of people regardless of age or gender, workplace, school and student in socio-cultural environment … He developed major events that everyone can access and / or participate either within your institution, business, school, club, community … as signatories of regular physical activity for evolution and fulfillment of each: Breathe new sporty dynamics.

The Congolese Federation of Sport for All is a public service mission. It is an offshoot of Sport for All Associations acting nonprofit organization of mass sporting events and entertainment throughout the whole of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Congolese Federation of Sport for All in its capacity as national leading organization in the field of Sport for All in a privileged position. It is a Multisports Federation. In principle, it broadcasts the true values and the foundations of the sport; Fair play, taste for effort and in passing in an accepted and acceptable pace, looking for a suitable physical condition.

The organization of the first edition for ALL SPORT KINSHASA is open to Kinshasa residents of any age and sex, without distinction of races, different classes and different backgrounds.

All participate in this great event that enters the annals su Sports and Culture of the Democratic Republic of Congo following the example of developed countries.

Running or walking on foot is beneficial to the brain, it stimulates the production of new neurons and stabilizes the body. Move, let off steam and have fun in a group, are the pillars of improved physical performance, maintaining the general condition and optimization of well-being. Control of his body and his time, consistency is improving the quality of life.

The implementation of this new conception of Sport reports to a need of the need to restore the balance of a threatened society in its social cohesion by the avatars of modernity as: nepotism, selfishness, tribalism, isolation, marginalization, political antagonism, delinquency and crime.

General Condition of Participation

Registration (required); Port official T-shirt (mandatory); Port macaroon No. Id. Official (required)
Free participation:

Individual, company, institution, Group, University and School Institute, NGOs, Non-profit, Club, Group and / or family.

N.B: the registration process to participate in this event has already started, contact us for more information.

President of the Coordination

Jean-Marie BOLIPA

Vice president in charge of External Relations and Playful Activities / FECOSpT and President / EUSpT-GPCK

Contact: (+243) 828 236 625; 844692673; 999910063

Coordination (CECIC)

AV. Upper Congo No. 59