Words that divide

The father of the church in Kinshasa, Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, invited the Congolese in general and the political actors, in particular, to engage in a peaceful approach. He had also said his vows and wishes from heaven to the birth of Christ. He spoke thus, in his usual homily said on the occasion of Christmas. For Laurent Monsengwo, the peace of Christmas excludes assassinations, killings and violence. It involves justice, love, truth, without which one exposes oneself to discontent, frustration, trouble, if not riots, contrary to social harmony, indispensable to reconciliation. “He who respects the Constitution has nothing to fear from justice,” he chanted. This very political homily has aroused many passions in public opinion. In terms of reactions, there is that of Lambert Mende Omalanga, Government Spokesman, Minister of Communication and Media. He said it in an interview given to the confrères d’actualité.cd. For Lambert Mende, Cardinal Monsengwo addressed the Catholics who were in the church. For him, it is a non-event.

Words that divide

The Archbishop of Kinshasa had not mentioned any name of a political actor in his words. Rather, it is political analysts who index power or the radical Opposition. Indeed, paragraphs 7 and 9 of this homily contain problem words which give rise to heated debates in the Congolese political agora. In particular, “the fact of taking power by arms does not justify that one can leave it only by the arms”, “It is revolu the time when we took the power by the arms, “The days when we sought to preserve power by arms, by killing its people, those young people who only claim their rights to live a little more worthily! Let us take care, my brothers and sisters, for “Whoever kills by the sword shall perish by the sword” (Mt 26: 52).

Minister Mende believes that “the Cardinal talks about people who want to take power by force. We saw it in December of this year. It is a principle of political morality and life. We can not seize power by force. We do not have a problem with this recommendation of the Cardinal, “he added.

Call to the Congolese

“The peace of Christmas is for all without exception, because it is destined for all those whom God loves. It is the peace of hearts, and the peace of spirits; Peace which signifies bodily integrity, but which above all speaks of an integral soul, in communion with God and in search of God and eternal goods. It is right to take into account the call of Pope Francis, when he exhorts all Congolese to be craftsmen of reconciliation and peace and that all those with political responsibilities listen to the way of Their own conscience, knowing to see the cruel sufferings of their compatriots and having at heart the common good, “recalled Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo.