Congo RDC Quick Guide to Angola

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    If you are thinking to know our country, take note of some information that will help during your stay.

    The official language is Portuguese but there are more than 42 national languages, the most spoken, Umbundo the Quimbundo (or Kimbundu) and Quicongo (or Kikongo).

    As in all places and countries, it is advisable to take precautions when it comes to safety. Avoid unknown locations and little moved. It is not advisable to walk the streets after dark.


    Currency / Exchange

    The national currency is the kwanza. The kwanza currency has parity with the dollar. The maximum currency output value is $ 15,000.
    The exchange of money can be made in banks and exchange houses. The opening hours of banks, from Monday to Friday is from 08: 00h to 15: 00h. The exact exchange rate must be obtained from the National Bank of Angola.

    Shopping and tips

    Urban centers offer more options in terms of shops and fairs with various products. The normal hours of business premises is:
    Monday to Friday: 08: 00h – 12: 30h and 14: 30h – 18: 00h
    Saturdays: 08: 00h – 12: 30h
    In general the trade is closed on Sunday.
    Tips are not mandatory, but practice in accordance with the quality of care. It is good practice to deliver 50 to 200 Kwanzas, depending on the parking time, the ushers cars.


    The acquisition of crafts, bound abroad, is subject to affix an origin label (100 kwanzas per piece), to be carried out by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage, at Rua Major Kanhangulo in Luanda.


    Upon arrival in Luanda, the tourist can opt for green way, if it has nothing to declare or the red channel in the case of carrying goods subject to customs fees. personal effects are free of any charges.
    In case of taking new objects should join their invoices and receipts for calculation of customs fees.
    Alternatively it should be made a corporate statement referring to the commercial value of the objects.

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