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As the First Vice President of the mix for the Republic in charge of electoral and political issues, Franck Diongo held to react urgently to the judicial investigation against Moses Katumbi, their common candidate with the G7 to the Presidency of the Republic, the Minister of Justice, Alexis Thambwe Mwamba, a delegate of the Presidential Majority in the preparatory Committee of the National policy Dialogue. A meeting of the Directorate of the political platform of support Katumbi will take place in the course of the day this Thursday, May 5 to set the new course deal with this offensive.

Franck Diongo that engages the mix for the Republic, rejects the way to shake the powers that be giving, he said, direct orders to the judiciary.

He is convinced that determining the candidate Moses Katumbi, the massive rally of several political parties, the certain victory in the next presidential election, determination and the legitimacy of the political groups that support the eventually upset the power camp.

In his nonce, Franck Diongo denounces the manipulation of justice in order to damage the platform and spread, thereby, a competitive candidate and winner.

Anyway, whatever the means of intimidation to demobilize and discourage Katumbi candidate and his supporters, the mix for the Republic does not intend to give in. Franck Diongo who swears and calls MONUSCO and the international community for help.

As for Moses Katumbi, they are asked to hold on, to resist, to continue the political struggle with the support of the Congolese people.

Regarding the procedure initiated, Franck Diongo or better the mix for the Republic, will no doubt its outcome. “It is an evidence of the manipulation of justice which should have started an investigation without the watchword of the Minister. Giving a slogan, the Minister has already given strict instructions to stop Moses Katumbi and we reject this way of doing, “he says.

Asked whether he is afraid, Franck Diongo says no: “We have no fear. These are the mechanisms of a dictatorship that develops the sense of hopelessness. Mr. Katumbi not afraid. That is why I said that the Congolese people reassures our candidate that these delaying tactics that attempt first of the mess and keep out of the race. We invent and plotting against him. “

Returning to the facts, Franck Diongo says he has information that there was a meeting services with members of the PPRD to decide on what to do to nail Moses Katumbi to silence. “So it’s a conspiracy mounted. The intervention of the Minister of Justice is to prepare public opinion. That’s why we give the Congolese people the truth, “he says.

He saw, moreover, things to come. Because, he says, on April 24, during the celebration of democracy, the day Mr. Katumbi should hold a meeting in Lubumbashi, was arrested his bodyguards, passersby, etc. Obviously well informed, Franck Diongo reported that the farm of Moses Katumbi was searched and every time you want to accuse someone, it brings weapons and other instruments. Then, incriminating.

The Bishop of Kilwa Kasenga, Katanga, has denied claims the Minister of Justice, claiming that no militia is inside it. Last week, the G7 was concerned about serious threats to the security of Moses Katumbi. In early April, during the press conference of MONUSCO Boss on the implementation of Resolution 2277 of the Security Council, a journalist asked about probable arrest of Moses Katumbi.