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Papa Wemba is dead, long live papa wemba! A page turns, a book closes, but the history of the Congo, she continues to write!
Let us not confuse the resistance theatrical with the resistance responsible!
The Battle of the diaspora and mature, has nothing to do with the struggle of the opposition of / for / or against Joseph Kabila!
So let’s be careful with the opponents of last minutes, from the other side, that return in appearance their jackets and serve us scenarios concocted in the darkness and on corners of tables in order to divert us from our goals patriotic in causing trouble And discord among us! Let us not be deceived of all these scenes of theatres but “resilient leaders as well as valid interlocutors”, Not against an individual, as do some sickeningly, but against an entire system predator who brought suffering to the congo since 1884 until this day in 2016!
The Resistance Infant and theatrical, made of jousting, insults, diatribes, brawls, regulations of accounts, fights, insults, unsubstantiated charges, denunciations sterile, cults of personality, of fanaticism, vedettariats, Of appearing without being, unfounded suspicion, unhealthy allusions, delusions of grandeur, of irony of unsavoury, I could go on and of the best, never gonna let the tall, handsome and rich Congo! We want more!
Dear Compatriots,
Revisiting our recent tragic history, and we behave as adults in the centre of all their concerns, the rise of the congo and the well-being of all its peoples! It’s so, with a renewed mindset, that our country will regain its place lost within concerts of nations say free, sovereign and truly democratic!
For a very large share!
Rolain Mena
Secretary-General of lisanga