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As arrested in the electoral calendar, the Congolese Federation of Associated Wrestling ” Fécolutta”a simultaneously held its annual general meeting and extraordinary general meeting elected, Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at the headquarters of the Congolese Olympic Committee.

* Condensed from the AGO Fécolutta

This meeting was supervised by a delegate of Sports Administration, José Bonenge who represented the Congolese Olympic Committee. The was also noted the presence of 7 provincial leagues including Kinshasa, Bandundu, Orientale Province, North Kivu, Kasai Oriental, Katanga and Equateur.

Started around 10:00, it is beyond 14:00 saw the end of the AGM of the Fécolutta after members of the Assembly have unanimously adopted the activity report presented by the outgoing committee some amendments .

* Condensed AGEE of Fécolutta

It all started with the presentation of members of the electoral commission. Thereof is as follows:

President jean Sungidi

V / P: Honoré Mazombo

Secretary: Guylain Ngoma.

Installed May 4, 2016, the Committee on Fécolutta was invested. Secretary Guylain Ngoma took the opportunity to present the report of its Committee whose first item concerned the composition of the electoral office, 2. Schedule for election program, 3. publication of lists of candidates réceptionnées. Of this, 21 cases were received, 17 files were incomplete and four were complete.

Before the actual start of the elections, some candidates had voted. Mr. Henry Nko Nkiete withdrew as president and is as 1st Vice-President. Tshimanga Mazamba withdrew from the post of 2nd Vice President 3rd opt for the post of Vice President. The meeting was accepted by a vote. Afterwards, we then went to the establishment of the poll made by the oldest and youngest two, one girl and one boy.

For AGED, reached the quorum was 35 votes. To be elected, a candidate must obtain at least 19 votes.

Before moving to the point, the floor was given to two candidates for the post of president to address voters. Mrs. Ekene wa Maluka took first speech, followed by Mr. Mvila Mbambi Madukila Leon.

The games were tough to virtually all positions where there were 2 candidates with the exception of the position of 2nd Vice President, Secretary General, General Treasury and TGA where there was only one candidate. Four candidates were vying for a position but only one was elected.

* Full balance elections of Fécolutta

Started without their presence, the elections of the Fécolutta were concluded in the presence of the Secretary General for Sports and Leisure Mr. Bartholomew Okito Oleka and the Secretary General of the COC Alain Badiashile.

Chair: Ms. Ekene wa Maluka 14 votes and Mr. Mvila Mbambi Madukila Leon 19 votes

1 V / P: Henry Nko Nkiete Makunda 21 votes Mudizo Musengo Ntowa

2nd V / P: Nyango Mushemvula Papy 21 votes

3rd V / P: -Tshimanga Mazamba Crispin 22 votes -Nyangombali Sanzu Julien.

4th V / P: -Nseka Mbingu Mpakasa 22 votes -Mwamba Ditu Didier.

General Secretary: Justin Nanga Mbuiti 26 votes

SGA: -Bakambo Ntotele Pitshou 19 votes

-Mbo Mulweme Bernard 13 votes

General Treasurer: Ms. Annie Kambayi Mueni 28 votes

TGA: Ms. Aicha Ofili Kutiete 16 votes

Members :

-Kazi Mabiala 11 votes

-Agbema Safi Salo Charles 31 votes

-Mampate Mwana Musidi 15 votes

-Kongolo Rachidi 4 votes.

N.B: those who got 19 votes and were elected to the committee Fécolutta.

All told, four positions are: TGA and 3 positions of the members.

* What they said

S.G Alain Badiashile his sincere congratulations to the newly elected Fécolutta committee. And noted that elections are times when people are free to choose the leaders of their structure.

“We have our principles: excellence, friendship and respect. You have to realize all of the difficult task that awaits you. Bring this structure, given the glorious past of this federation. Despite the funding which is difficult. If elected, we take every measure of responsibility. Is expected of you the results. Strict adherence to these principles. To those who have lost. Fair play we’re supposed shared. Those who lost come together in this movement in the best interests of the athletes. It takes place at the disposal of the sports movement, the best of ourselves. The COC is now on delivering quality committee, your mandate to continue down a mammoth task. A Past President, congratulate you for all the work done selflessly. You always had to listen and put his hand to the pocket. The sports movement will still continue to enjoy your availability. Amenities you have. While wishing a fruitful mandate, and that the meeting applaud you. ”

S.G sports and leisure B. Okito: ” Here date in validating an election that was organized democratically. The ANOCA President wished all federations can organize their elections after the OG I saw the letter from the COC and I put a delegate of the administration at your disposal. You are managed by your own rules. I found that the elections were democratic. I congratulate Mama Ekene for the organization. In the elections, there are many tricks. Until I speak, there were no disputes. I recognize the outgoing president a lot of shares. She has done much. It was during his tenure that the struggle has won 5 medals at the African Games. We bow before the judgment of the assembly. The Fécolutta a new committee and 4 positions. I caught you two tatami mats. I am told that the customs, there are 3 tatami. Made an effort to remove these mats. We have a Memorandum of Understanding with the French Wrestling Federation who wants to work with the Fécolutta. You can advance your discipline with this collaboration. We must support the committee to continue the implementation inside the country. You have J.O the Youth Africa Games … must put you at work already. ”

Mvila Mbambi Madukila elected president Fécolutta: ” It is with great emotion sad that I endorse the gains today. Thank you to all those or those who have worked for me know in sport with encouragement. We will not forget those who have made a different choice. We will be elected by all. I thank all the unsuccessful candidates for their campaign ”.

As for the future project, the president-elect has promised to hold a press conference during which it will give its action plan.