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Kodjo seems to fade. And this is indeed the International Support Group, which now takes things in hand. Thursday 4 August, after their meeting, the first of its kind on Congolese soil, this panel of experts from various regional and international organizations began a series of consultation. First, at the headquarters of the African Union in Kinshasa. Then they moved to the eleventh Limete street, petunias, the lair of the lider maximo, to confer with him. Yesterday, the tower went to the group of seven -G7- parties and also the Alliance for the Republic -AR-. Received in turn, these members of the Rally platforms Genval brandished the same requirements as those promoted the day before by Tshisekedi that surrounded the sages of the Opposition Committee.

He has not resigned. But it appears that he agrees to let the initiatives, at least so far, to his support group in the difficult task of facilitating dialogue in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pre G7

At the end of the interview, Charles Mwando, Chairman of the G7, explained the reason for their presence before the Support Group. And later, he returned to the concerns presented. ” In our case, being one of the member groups of the Rally, Thursday, August 4, 2016, in Limete, we are met with the same group and we submitted a memo which contained … concerns ”, a-t- he said. For the G7, he says, there are unavoidable prerequisites including the release of political prisoners, the opening of political space, the cessation of the harassment, the renunciation of making false litigations against opponents etc. ” We discussed the issue of the facilitator and will be considered at their level in a responsible manner ”, ensured further Mwando. About claims that would not find successful, he recalled that the Rally has its strategies. ” You will know at the right time, ” he chanted. Then, he reaffirmed the commitment of the G7 in the elections especially the Presidential accordance with the requirements of the Constitution. As for voter registration in progress, he believes that it does not constitute a prerequisite in order to respect the prescribed constitution for the organization binding election. Enlisting launched by INEC is simply an exercise in goodwill conducted to determine the electoral districts with the current division.

The AR maintains pressure

The economy of the ideas of this platform was presented by Franck Diongo. Before the national and international press, also reiterated the same prior Rally, among others, the release of prisoners (prisoners) or political opinion, cessation of judicial and other harassment against opponents, processing Support Group in college facilitation committee.

Status quo

Nothing has really changed. The lines of separation remained fixed. The positions of the Rally, although consulted via its sub platforms remain the same. Calming signs are therefore expected that the dialogue process can ultimately leaving the station. This is, to be honest, the real challenge of the International Support Group.