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    It is on the stroke of 11 o’clock this Friday, August 5, 2016, the Support Group Facilitation received a delegation of the mix for the Republic, a platform of the Congolese opposition. The latter was led by the National MP, Franck Diongo Shamba, as 1st Vice-President in charge of political, electoral and security. It was the headquarters of the African Union located along the Boulevard du 30 Juin, in the commune of Gombe in Kinshasa. After an exchange of more than an hour, the mix for the Republic reiterated its position. There has therefore been no conflict with the Rally, platform to which it belongs. The same pre-Etienne Tshisekedi Rally chairs were reiterated by radical opponent, Franck Diongo Shamba. Basically, there is no therefore no developments regarding the position of RA on political dialogue in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Franck Diongo, First Vice President of the mix for the Republic led a delegation comprising Mr. Bogene, SGA of GNP; Philippe Evoloko, SG ECCO; Secretary General of the ULD, dear party Katebe Katoto; BEYA the Doctor; and Moses Della Moni, National President of CONADES. The delegation was received by the support group facilitation compound Said Djinnit, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for the Great Lakes Region; Mom Sidiku MONUSCO; a Representative of the OIF, EU, AU and the OIF. Above all, support group submitted to the Delegation of A.R office. In the same vein, he informed the team led by Franck Diongo he is there to help the Congolese to resolve the impasse that threatens the Democratic Republic of Congo.


    The members of the Support Group asked questions particularly about the participation of RA dialogue. Each member expressed his willingness to help the Congolese to move forward. In response, the mix for the Republic, headed by the radical Franck Diongo, reiterated the position of the Rassemblement especially that it is a member. Speaking of the nature of the crisis in the DRC, Franck Diongo did not go through the back of the spoon. For him, in fact, the crisis is artificial and is maintained by Joseph Kabila, who, he said, wants to remain in power presqu’√©ternellement. AR recalled the particularity of the Congolese Constitution, which is the result of a political compromise. “We have demonstrated the urgency of the presidential election in the period. We are determined to uphold the Constitution of our country because we are on the side of law, “said the First Deputy Chairman of the mix for the Republic.

    The legal framework for dialogue

    During discussions, the delegation of RA stressed the importance of dialogue as a way out of the crisis. But she thinks it is a problem of the legal framework. “We believe that the legal framework of this dialogue, it is the resolution 2277. That is why we insisted on this clarification,” he noted. Also, as to the prerequisites of AR for his participation in the dialogue, it should be noted that there are no contradictions with those raised by the Rally. Franck Diongo, renowned as one of the policies son Tshisekedi, only reaffirmed the position of the Rally, at that meeting. Among these prerequisites, there are, among others, the release of political prisoners is a sincerity test for President Joseph Kabila and the answer will be considered an act of good faith.

    irrevocable challenge Kodjo

    Even before accepting the invitation of the Support Group, the mix for the Republic had asked some conditions. This is, among others, the non-participation of Kodjo, during these exchanges. “We have been clear before coming Kodjo could not put us to discuss and support group responded favorably to our request,” he has said.


    “We reiterated the position of the Rally because our platform is a member of the Rally. We recalled in particular the irrevocable challenge the Facilitator, we recalled the prerequisites such as the release of political prisoners, arbitrary abandonment fanciful pursuits, such is the case of Moses Katumbi, Candidate President said. Other cases closed media, political parties overlap. This is what we recalled the support group. We also defended with the support group that our will is to highlight the inappropriateness of the Preparatory Committee, “he told the national and international press. And continue our determination is that this support group turns into a facilitation committee because in Congo, for us, the Facilitator is an issue of credibility and trust. This will require the support group changes status, instead of being an observer, he must be a member of the Facilitation Committee. That, in summary, the evidence we have recalled the facilitation support group.


    Premium on board, it must be said that if the trap, there was the mix for the Republic remained in solidarity with the Rally as to its position on participation in the dialogue. For cons, the National President of the MLP in his cap from one of the RA authorities think it is respect for the international community that its platform has responded positively to the invitation of the Support Group. “The support group is a group of good will who would assist Congolese. When he invites us, we lose nothing by explaining and repeating the same position because after the meeting chaired by President Tshisekedi, they received all other groups, including those that were received by us. Out of respect for the international community to help us, accompanying us, it was our duty to come and repeat the same thing. So there has been no change in our position. We reiterated the same position Rally. The Support Group took note of our concerns and we will evaluate, “he said.


    Kodjo seems to fade. And this is indeed the International Support Group, which now takes things in hand. Thursday 4 August, after their meeting, the first of its kind on Congolese soil, this panel of experts from various regional and international organizations began a series of consultation. First, at the headquarters of the African Union in Kinshasa. Then they moved to the eleventh Limete street, petunias, the lair of the lider maximo, to confer with him. Yesterday, the tower went to the group of seven -G7- parties and also the Alliance for the Republic -AR-. Received in turn, these members of the Rally platforms Genval brandished the same requirements as those promoted the day before by Tshisekedi that surrounded the sages of the Opposition Committee.

    He has not resigned. But it appears that he agrees to let the initiatives, at least so far, to his support group in the difficult task of facilitating dialogue in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Pre G7

    At the end of the interview, Charles Mwando, Chairman of the G7, explained the reason for their presence before the Support Group. And later, he returned to the concerns presented. ” In our case, being one of the member groups of the Rally, Thursday, August 4, 2016, in Limete, we are met with the same group and we submitted a memo which contained … concerns ”, a-t- he said. For the G7, he says, there are unavoidable prerequisites including the release of political prisoners, the opening of political space, the cessation of the harassment, the renunciation of making false litigations against opponents etc. ” We discussed the issue of the facilitator and will be considered at their level in a responsible manner ”, ensured further Mwando. About claims that would not find successful, he recalled that the Rally has its strategies. ” You will know at the right time, ” he chanted. Then, he reaffirmed the commitment of the G7 in the elections especially the Presidential accordance with the requirements of the Constitution. As for voter registration in progress, he believes that it does not constitute a prerequisite in order to respect the prescribed constitution for the organization binding election. Enlisting launched by INEC is simply an exercise in goodwill conducted to determine the electoral districts with the current division.

    The AR maintains pressure

    The economy of the ideas of this platform was presented by Franck Diongo. Before the national and international press, also reiterated the same prior Rally, among others, the release of prisoners (prisoners) or political opinion, cessation of judicial and other harassment against opponents, processing Support Group in college facilitation committee.

    Status quo

    Nothing has really changed. The lines of separation remained fixed. The positions of the Rally, although consulted via its sub platforms remain the same. Calming signs are therefore expected that the dialogue process can ultimately leaving the station. This is, to be honest, the real challenge of the International Support Group.


    Members of the International Support Group Facilitation Tshisekedi returned home with a long list of political prisoners or detainees whose Rally demands release. They are also left with the prerequisites of the Opposition tshisekediste unresolved. Meanwhile, Etienne Tshisekedi reiterated, once again, his disavowal against Edem Kodjo. The negotiations are continuing.

    Nearly a week after the beginning of August, there is still no new timetable for National Dialogue’s work on view. The DRC is still suspended from the intense negotiations that lead for over forty-eight hours, the members of the International Support Group for Dialogue Facilitation to persuade the different parties to sit around a table. Yesterday, Thursday, August 4, a delegation from the support group was received by Limete Etienne Tshisekedi, President of the Rally of Forces Political and Social Change acquired. Before making the move Limete, members of the Support Group, consisting of UN diplomats, African Union, European Union, the OIF, the ICGLR and SADC, will interviewed more than two hours, with the Facilitator Edem Kodjo. It was a question of assessing its action since his appointment in early April by Madam Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union, Nkosazana Zuma. The work was, of course, to identify the causes of blockage and, above all, the objectives of the Dialogue. Such a meeting could not end without being evoked the question Kodjo of the challenge by the opposition pro-Tshisekedi. The Support Group, which is not intended to substitute for the Facilitation, he will manage to change his mind the Rally and all the political forces who reject openly Edem Kodjo, accusing him of bias? The different catches for his continued position expressed by the President of the Commission of the African Union, the African Ambassadors accredited to Kinshasa or MONUSCO are they sufficient to allow Kodjo retain his seat despite the disallowance Opposition? Pending the outcome of what looks like a showdown, one wonders about the consequences that may ensue. If Kodjo was leaving, some politicians fear that his successor designation process takes time. Time, too, for the newcomer to master the essence of the complexity of the political spectrum where Congolese members of the government claim the quota of the Opposition and opponents defend theses of power. Any loss of time will, without fail, have implications for the coming elections. But if there is delay in organizing elections, can be completely attributed to the replacement procedure of a Dialogue Facilitator? Certainly not. INEC, the body empowered to organize elections in the DRC, admit its failure to respect the constitutional limits. Moreover, INEC did not wait for the opening of the Dialogue’s work to start the renewal process of the electoral register in Nord-Ubangi District. According to estimates of the political and administrative authorities, about one million voters are to enlist in three months in this province arose from the dismemberment of the great province of Ecuador. The Chairman of INEC, Cornelius Nangaa, needs a minimum of sixteen months to produce a new electoral register. If he spends three months enlist voters in North Ubangi, while the country has 26 provinces, add to that the fact that the registration period will not happen simultaneously, not to mention the lack of financial resources, absence of an electoral calendar and a time chart showing the different sequences, we would be gone for an eternity. INEC, to her alone, can she afford it while opponents claim the elections within the constitutional deadline? With such a chaotic decor, calls are multiplying Dialogue. Absolutely, there must be a consensus on the best options for constitution of the electoral roll and election ballots to organize first. Things are not as simple as some would believe.


    Divergence on the need for political dialogue

    As you all know, we started to support the holding of a political dialogue in 2013, following the adoption of resolution 2098 by the UN Security Council.

    When instead of convening the political dialogue, the power had convened national consultations, fully organized and controlled by him, we refused to participate and had created, with other political opposition parties, the Coalition for a true Dialogue “CVD”. He had set up two camps. Our, that of those who rejected any dialogue with the government. With this time, all opponents who claimed the dialogue, had joined the anti-dialogues camp!

    The camp of those who supported a technical meeting called “tripartite opposition-majority-CENI”. We had been practically alone to claim the dialogue so that, for that reason alone, some had bonded us more qualifiers, the pro-opposition powers, Kabila …

    Broad consensus on the desirability of a political dialogue

    Over time, all the opponents have come to understand the need for dialogue for several months, we have sensitized the national opinion on the danger facing our country in view of blocking the electoral process. Several international institutions and foreign governments have continued to support the holding of the dialogue. Despite several colleagues were unimpressed. Familiar with our political class, we told all the anti-dialogue colleagues would come to the dialogue despite their refusal, apparently categorical. Today we are pleased that the tripartite opposition-majority-CENI died a natural death. After several pressures and certain international institutions and some foreign powers, all political actors are now for dialogue despite muances on the nature of the dialogue. We trust that they have not become Kabilists, false opponents, opponents of pro-power!

    Dialogue 2277 resolution and dialogue convened by the Presidential Order

    While congratulating all colleagues for accepting the dialogue, we urge to go straight to the point and stop to continue to raise the stakes regardless of the danger on the horizon. There can be a difference between the 2277 resolution dialogue and dialogue prescription. We do not need any expertise to understand that when the Security Council voted a resolution on a country that is not under supervision, execution requires national implementing measures. These measures are contained in the Presidential Order. The UN and the states have adopted this resolution have repeatedly said the dialogue convened by presidential order and beautiful, well that provided by the resolutions of the UN Security Council. For the love of the homeland, we ask those political actors who knowingly blocking the dialogue by several pretexts to return to reason; to stop artificially create several obstacles; and go pre prerequisites.

    The challenge of the Facilitator Kodjo

    Long before the convening of the dialogue by the presidential order we demanded that the process of dialogue to be co-facilitated by two Congolese; one appointed by the opposition and the other appointed by the majority. Some of us rejected our proposal on the grounds that the Congolese are not trustworthy! They had argued that s an international facilitator would be neutral and credible. Soon after the nomination of Mr. Kodjo, we denounced the fact for him to give power to one political party to designate authority, the 12 opposition delegates to the preparatory committee. For us it was a bias on the part of a facilitator. The privileged party had supported the facilitator in his positions. Two months later, it is those who demanded an international facilitator who rejects it, asking OAU to appoint another. We believe that after having demanded and obtained the involvement of several international organizations, request the replacement of a foreign facilitator by another foreign discredits the Congolese political class. For this reason, and taking into account the time left to get into the zone of turbulence, New Social and Political Class opposes the recusal of the Facilitator Edem Kodjo not to delay the process. The NCPS reiterates its support to see this PrepCom start work with the political and social forces available even continue to negotiate with those who still linger not. We also believe that the requirement for the release of political prisoners is a concern of the entire opposition. We believe that this issue will be resolved during the Preparatory Committee. We insist that work begins with those who are ready. While it is true that in a country, there are more important people than others, it is also true that in the life of a nation no one is indispensable. Let the interest of the nation below personal interests.

    The spokesperson

    Steve Mbikayi

    National Labour Party chairman


    No offense to some, it has not filed his resignation. To be honest, the option seems to have not even been discussed during his meeting with the International Support Group. As expected in the morning yesterday, Thursday, August 4, 2016, it had an appointment at the headquarters of the African Union in Kinshasa. On leaving the meeting, the economy of the ideas was presented by three emissaries. This is Said Djinnit (UN), Georges Nakseu (OIF), Koen Vervaeke (EU). The essential message? Well, once again, Kodjo receives a ” unwavering ‘support. This panel of experts has reaffirmed its determination to activate, through consultations with the actors of the presidential majority, the opposition and civil society to overcome the current obstacles to the launch of the dialogue work.

    Rejected by the Opposition Genval, Edem Kodjo was given, in the eyes of some observers, for resigning. And its development last Thursday with the support group seemed like the perfect opportunity to seal his fate. And, in the process, as the likely replacement, the name of Alpha Omar Konaré, former president of Mali, was quoted. Alas! Kodjo remains in place with the blessing of all the regional, pan-African and also international weighing.


    After his disavowal, Kodjo has continued to gain support here and there. First, from the African Union. Where, in a statement, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, President of the AU Commission, has, meanwhile, decided the case, reiterating his full confidence. Then there is the United Nations Mission in Congo -Monusco-. Indeed, during his press conference on Wednesday, August 3, she proclaimed, loudly, his support for dialogue facilitator. The same day, a little later, it is a good ten African ambassadors, gathered in what they called ‘diplomatic corps African group’, which, in turn, following a frank and uncompromising service, supported Kodjo. And the International Support Group for the purpose for which it was constituted, does not mince words. Bluntly, he said support the facilitator to successfully organize an inclusive dialogue in Congo – Kinshasa to resolve peacefully, by consensus, the hard questions. It also suits to note that the European Union, with all my heart hammered continue to place his faith in Edem Kodjo.


    ” Our physical presence here demonstrates the urgency in order to launch this dialogue … we will have consultations with all stakeholders … ”, says Koen Vervaek, Representative of the European Union for the Great Lakes. From yesterday, the marathon of consultations was launched with the intention to appease the spirits, strengthening civil liberties and all measures must form part of easing tensions, judging these things more yet indispensable. And in this way, he called for the release of political prisoners.

    Kodjo Why?

    Far from considering it as a demiurge, to read between the lines of statements made by the international support group facilitation, it appears that they like others, would like to avoid a big constraint. The Limiting maneuvering with respect to time. The dialogue as the framework par excellence, to be held before the mold time-lines and presidential 2016. For, beyond the electoral crisis born of the difficulties of the electoral process which, for some time, gave birth to political tensions, could take disturbing turns. Then, facing the problem of time, a new facilitator has yet to reset the process by taking things in hand, where Kodjo had already gaged the real measure of Congolese political swamp. But what if Tshisekedi and Opposition Genval camped on their position on Kodjo, notwithstanding the involvement of the support group? The question will then know which of those two is ultimately an irreplaceable piece to the Political Dialogue the Congo – Kinshasa. Many already have their answer …