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Before the effective launch of the Preparatory Committee of the dialogue work, this Tuesday, August 23, 2016, the Facilitator Edem Kodjo took the precaution to meet the Ambassadors of the European Union who themselves have reaffirmed their support. He already had the confidence of the African Union and MONUSCO, which is committed to assist the INEC in the operation of the registration of voters whose end is not expected before late 2017. Internally Edem Kodjo can boast the support of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) of the Presidential Majority and certain political parties claiming the Opposition. The least one can say is that at this stage between Kodjo and Tshisekedi, divorce is consummated.

It is as if the international community fully endorse the approach Facilitator appointed by the African Union. Problem, Edem Kodjo is facing a strong challenge of the Rally of political and social forces gained Change, led by the opponent Etienne Tshisekedi, who has decided to challenge him in the street. While the Facilitator will be at the Hotel Beatrice, under the stroke of nine, currently installing mandated actors by political organizations and civil society stakeholders in dialogue, the Congolese who adhere to the motto of Opposition will stay home. At midday, the punters should be able to assess the degree of compliance by Kinshasa residents, particularly the call for the dead city launched by Tshisekedi. We’ll see if the markets and shops were not open, so gas stations remained closed, if utilities do not work or if there was no public transport. But for many analysts, Etienne Tshisekedi and the Rally of Genval sailing against the current. It seems that the international community lends them less ear. The prospect of a serious political and security crisis would prevail over other claims such as respecting constitutional deadlines. Edem Kodjo, the Facilitator challenged by the Opposition tshisekediste, finds that all claims opponents were encountered. On August 19, he signed a statement in which it noted the decision of the Government for the release of 24 people over 26 and the reopening of two television channels 3, on the official list provided by the Opposition in Support group. For Edem Kodjo, who warmly congratulated the senior Congolese authorities, this gesture helped in his opinion, to defuse the political climate and creating conditions conducive to the launching of the national and inclusive dialogue process. Unlike Kodjo, the Gathering felt that these measures do not meet their requirements. Like what, from a list of 112 prisoners presented by the Rally, 83 are still in detention. On the liberalization of the media space, the Rally said on August 20 that no chain close of its members has been reopened.

Edem Kodjo, for his part, invited the Congolese politicians to show overshoot and give a chance to the search for a consensual solution to the current situation in the DRC, in accordance with the Constitution, the 2277 UN Resolution the expectations of the Congolese people in particular and the international community as a whole.