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Classes resume for ” Blue and White ” is indeed today, Monday, September 5, 2016, according to the timing of the Congolese Government. Rally led by Etienne Tshisekedi declared, Saturday, September 3, ” the ” no school Monday ”. This, in its fight for the holding of an inclusive dialogue and respect for the Constitution. The Teachers Union of Congo -SYECO- was clearly opposed to the thing on the same day. Other structures have also reacted. Among others, the parents’ association of Protestant schools. She said no. ” It does not take the children to suffer the political turpitude ”, hammering its leaders. For its part, the Government, through its spokesman, Lambert Mende, castigates with the greatest firmness this attempt ” to take students hostage. ” On Monday there will be no or school? The question remains. But the one and the other will be fixed shortly.

The reverse of the economy are for ages integral unfortunately the school years and years. In a political context, this time better than before, the school year could cost the tensions of political life. Indeed, the stakes supporting the political game invite in school life. After the trays TVs, street corners, street, institutions especially the parliament, the differences of opinion between the ruling power and the opposition will be invited in the courts and halls of schools.

The initiative

It’s Rally after what the initiative. Not to nail the schools but to send strong signals so strong, power, and the international community in short, those who have to go to the city of the African Union to participate in the dialogue convened last week by Edem Kodjo, the facilitator said he rejects forum. It is indeed the same day that the work of the dialogue should begin after two days of fruitless visibly miraculous catches. Jean-Marc Kabund-A-Kabund, explained the contours of this appeal that part of the impressive team of civil disobedience acts announced by the Rally of social and political forces to change acquired on September 1. “We launched a day without school. We wish that parents aspiring to a good education, a decent job to take care of children, to support the action of the Rally for things to change in this country (…) The Constitution provides for example free of education and parents continue to support children and schools, “confided the new secretary general of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress. “Many children do not study there. The school became a real headache for parents. This diet deprives millions of children to school. We want this action to be national (…) As long as Kabila multiply maneuvers to stay in power, the situation of education will always be a problem. The problem is governance. Our educational system is broken, “he concluded.

The Government’s response

“It is the scorched earth. It’s really unpatriotic. This is madness. It is criminal to take the children hostage. We can not roll back the country like that with irresponsible people. What message to parents? Do not follow this call. Monday there was indeed school year. What is the responsible parent will agree to keep her child at home in the name of the individual interests of some politicians (…) It is not with the children we will save democracy. It’s criminal! You must come to the negotiating table. This violates the international conventions on children’s rights, “reacting to hot, Lambert Mende Omalanga struggling with bloodhounds purposes.

No to ” the dead school ”

The SYECO says no to Rally initiative. Jean-Pierre Kimbuya, the Secretary General of this structure, said after a meeting with journalists. For him, ” the teachers’ demands are found in the specifications of the Union held by the government. ” Thus, the call to “the dead school,” in his words, is not intended to satisfy. ” As a parent representative, I can not accept that children suffer. Children are the future of tomorrow. We are for change, but their children are in Europe. I can not accept that. Children must be protected. They have the right to life and in school. Maybe for the risks, but I will like that the children go to school. On Monday, the children will go to school ”, says Prosperous Muzinga, Vice President of the Parents Association of Protestant subsidized schools. The slogan of the rally he will be listened to? This gigantic political platform that oversees the lider maximo she is ready to receive its first flop? Wait and see.