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The famous folk group Songye resurfaced Matonge. All Grand BASOKIN is announced every Sunday at the Red Gate area, in the Matonge, Kinshasa. The news was confirmed by himself, MI-AMOR, the griot Songye folklore, during an interview with the newspaper La Prosperity.

The MI-AMOR musician informs fanatics as well as girls and son Songye Kinshasa that BASOKIN group has just removed his program every Sunday at Place Lomani, headquartered in Avenue du Stade, No. 34 Matonge. The atmosphere of the Sunday appointment is transferred to the Red Gate, the SAIDI Avenue, still in district Matonge, in the commune of Kalamu.

What is clear, the red door is not an unfamiliar place for true fans of the group. History informs that this place had housed one time the headquarters of BASOKIN to the years 2003 through 2006. For true music lovers, this is just a homecoming in a setting where the group had its pulse and beautiful epic in the musical arena in Kinshasa. The black Pharaoh invites all fans to this great appointment Sunday allowing to present and explore the Songye culture in its entirety.

Beyond the stage, MI-AMOR is preparing to launch a new album entitled “” NTOSHI YA DADDY “, which in French means” the blessing of the father. ” Through this recital, black Pharaoh will inform the world of the villages in his native country. This land through which the Pope of Rome was awarded the degree of blessing for the moral value, intrinsic and educational in BASONGYES.

His real name Hubert MPUTU EBONDO, MI-AMOR is a vocalist and formidable songwriter, who managed to print its aura in the traditional music of his tribe. In Kinshasa, as in the world, when it comes to music Songye, mostly music lovers refer to songs MI-AMOR. Especially his compositions contain messages and profound teachings that relate to the history and traditional values of the Songye Culture.