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    For the people of Walikale mining lung of the province of North Kivu, Marie Claire Bangwene Mwavita deserves more support and assistance to its citizens and those of its hierarchical chiefs to properly accomplish its mission proves beneficial to that entity administrative implementation dependent long forgotten, but that was just totally opened up following the wisdom and bravery of the Honourable Doctor Julien Paluku Kahongya best super locomotive of North Kivu.


    The governor of North Kivu province, the Honourable Dr. Julien Paluku Kahongya was in Walikale  and the agenda was been dominated by three large ceremonies, first in the General Hospital Walikale reference where he paid the entire bill of all patients unable to pay with cash this health institution. The hospital within 24 hours last received an allocation of an X-ray machine, and a morgue and a large batch of drugs, the Medical Director warmly thanked the Governor of North Kivu because .

    speaking on behalf of the Honourable Dr. Julien Paluku Kahongya, Marie Shematsi Baeni told the people of this area of Walikale territory, currently chief town of the province of North Kivu, the province will also make its contribution to the objective of the outcome of this hospital.


    Dr Martial KAMBUMBU KAYENGAIn the presence of Dr Martial KAMBUMBU KAYENGA provincial Minister of Health and Social Affairs, also completed the laying of the foundation stone of a health center; something that delighted the population against this because this health facility funded by the Social Fund of the Republic (FSR) contributed 10% of the budget term beneficiaries will relieve the suffering of the beneficiaries.


    Wana danse nini lisusu