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    The tenants of communication houses, Cybercafes and even GSM operators, among whom Orange-Tigo, Vodacom, Airtel and Africel, recorded a huge loss of revenue during the 11 days of blocking the Internet and social networks: Facebook , WhatsApp, Imo, Twiter and Instagram at the beginning of December 19th. It has become practically a habit. The government, through the technical body ARPTC (the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Congo), has taken the initiative to cut the Internet and social networks to prevent the population from exchanging Images and videos of the macabre scenes of confrontations that are often seen in spectacle between the forces of the order and the population. The lifting of the ban on the Internet took place on Wednesday 28 December 2016.

    Such a measure has produced many adverse economic consequences, especially for Internet service providers, but also other economic operators who use it to exchange financial data with their partners in the context of business through The DRC and abroad.

    Judged anti-social and deprived of rights to information, the act was condemned by several non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This Coalition Rights for All, a platform bringing together NGOs, addressed a memo to mobile telephone operators on the Congolese market by comparing access to the Internet with vital human rights, Like the access to drinking water that should not be deprived of anybody.

    According to these organizations, “the disruption of access to the Internet has the same negative impact as interrupting the supply of electricity or drinking water to the civilian population, an act condemned in international humanitarian law ”. Despite their call on operators in the telecommunications sector not to endorse this measure of “violation of the right of access to the Internet”, the measure had no effect. Those for whom the call was intended simply gave in to the pressure. The illegality of the injunction was denounced by the same NGO platform. There was a clear desire to disrupt the exchange of information on political protests related to the post-19 December 2016 period.

    Without protection

    The population is doubly shaken in its daily life. It is faced with whims of all kinds imposed by the government or the telecom operators themselves. When these mobile operators unilaterally decided to suddenly increase the cost of the Internet, the population was abandoned to its sad fate without anyone being able to plead its case including the government. On the contrary, the latter and the telecom operators were blaming themselves for degeneration.


    Yesterday, Thursday, December 29, Marcel Utembi and his companions began the last chance tour with President Kabila. Before this one-on-one confrontation, they had relied on the persistent divergences with the delegation of the Rally. Has the demon that hides in the details of 5 percent that blocked up to that point been exorcised? The question remains because the bishops have kept the greatest secrecy on this imperious encounter. However, they have sent the curious and others to follow the developments of the plenaries of this Friday 30 December at 10 am and 3 pm, it is reported. The first one will undoubtedly be based on the Agreement and the second could conclude the foundations of the CENCO. Yes, according to Donatien Nshole, the spokesman of this Catholic structure, Accord or not, the National Episcopal Conference of the Congo should end the direct discussions today.

    The chimney of the Interdiocesan Center remained virgin during the month of December while nagging discussions were carried out there to find a political compromise on the management of the country after the end of the mandate of President Kabila. Last Saturday, Marcel Utembi declared that there was a 95 per cent consensus and, on the other hand, everything implied that the remaining 5 per cent would be decanted as easily as an Ave Maria could be recited by a seminarian . However, until the day announced as the ratification of the Agreement, namely this Friday, December 30, the certainty of the unilateral signature of this text is not a given. Majority and Opposition reject these days, the responsibility by press and megaphone interposed. They will do the same if there is no Agreement this Friday. Nothing suprising. This is the most common pattern of politics in Congo-Kinshasa. As for the divergences, the last news, the Majority still does not intend to cede on the desired restructuring of the CENI. For the Rally, the post of Prime Minister must come back to him. He still claims the replacement of Samy Badibanga by a coalition member. Other matters of negotiation concern the sharing of posts at the provincial level. According to sources from both camps, the governors of the current provinces should save their heads, but will be forced to deal with the opposition at the provincial government level. There will remain the thorny issue of the destabilization of the political climate put in harm by the condemnation Wednesday of the opponent Franck Diongo. The Head of State is perhaps the only one who can decant the situation on this crucial issue. From where, the bishops visited him to try to save these assizes that they lead with his great blessing. At the end of this exchange, the delegation of the CENCO declared nothing but fixed an appointment to the opinion today at 10 o’clock.


    The meeting on Saturday 24 June, 24 hours after the Kinshasa derby, preceded first by a descent to the stadium of the Martyrs for the report, did not result in sanctions that would weigh on the Fc Renaissance of Congo. On the instruction of Fecofa, who now have eyes on this 22nd edition of the national championship, the result of this match Renaissance-Vclub (1-2) was suspended. At the latest news, Fecofa holds an important meeting on Monday 26 June, after which it will decide on the continuation of this match.

    The meeting Renaissance-Vclub, it should be clarified, did not end in fish tail. The match came to a normal end. There was the final whistle, consecrating the victory of Vclub on the mark of 2 goals to 1.

    The second goal of Vclub, known as ” wining goal ”, was scored very nicely in the 90th minute by the one who was nicknamed this Friday at the stage ” Ne Muanda Nsemi ”, his real name Taggy Agiti Etekiama . Unhappy with this defeat, as they were preparing to celebrate the draw, Fc Renaissance supporters have gone to another phase, unexpectedly, throwing projectiles on the playground, destroying everything on Their passage, including the camera of the national chain. At the end of the match, they invaded the playground, offering a sad spectacle for Congolese football. It is clear from the descent of the Fecofa, accompanied by the officers of the judicial police at the stadium of the Martyrs that the observation is very bitter after this match. The Fecofa met immediately on the same Saturday to sanction the authors but without success. Decisions are expected on Monday. As a reminder, on May 10, the Linafoot had seriously struck FC Renaissance of the Congo, a decision endorsed by Fecofa. He was placed in charge of the Fc Renaissance, a forfeit in match counting for the 7th day against Dcmp, in accordance with article 80, 31 of the CDF, for intentionally removing the corner flags compulsory to the marking of the ground, and also in accordance with Law 1 and 17 point 8 of the FIFA Regulations. To do this, the Linafoot had summoned Renaissance to pay a correctional almond of 7,500 American dollar. Renaissance was also to repair the damage caused, and in the event of a repeat offense, the team of Bishop Pascal Mukuna was warned to be excluded from the competition and relegated to the Lower Division. It is not known if this is the sanction that awaits Renaissance on Monday.

    Sad end of championship for Renaissance

    The Fc Renaissance of the Congo is now out of the race. The team of ‘Bana Fibo’ which made dream at the beginning of the championship, will gain nothing this season. Renaissance will not even be able to hope for a third place in the standings, synonymous with a qualification in the next competitions club competitions. Three days from the end of the national championship, 2017 edition, the title race becomes very interesting without the Renaissance of the Congo. As Vclub joined Dcmp in the standings with each 24 points. The details are only played in terms of goal-average. Dcmp a +14, and Vclub +9. Fibo stayed very far, static, with 15 points.


    In the 90th minute of the Mazembe-Bukavu Dawa match played yesterday Sunday (June 25th) at the Mazembe stadium in Lubumbashi, the scorer showed 0 for Mazembe and 0 for Bukavu Dawa. As a result, the referee signaled 7 minutes of additional time to the great satisfaction of the Lushois public, and to the contempt of the players of Bukavu Dawa who thought they had done the necessary. As if that was not enough, in the 94th minute, the referee awards a penalty to Mazembe. Rainford Kalaba takes charge and opens the scoring. In the 97th minute, the same Kalaba returns for the second goal on a pass of Issama Mpeko. What a game ! TP Mazembe struggled hard by scoring in extra time. The match was dominated by the South Kivutians who played the all-out. They deserved everything in this game except the defeat. Fecofa, who no longer jokes about bad arbitration, will certainly take a look at it, to see if there has not been what it calls “intentionally serious technical faults”. Meanwhile, Mazembe now has 27 points for 12 matches. The leader is DC Motema Pembe and AS V. Club.


    For his first outing in the pool phase, TP Mazembe of Kinshasa and his supporters came out of the Muntubile Santos stadium of Delvaux with a victory in pocket. The team dear to President Freddy has tutored ” Solid Base ” on the mark of 5 goals to 4. It was Sunday, 11 June last, at 15:30. It is a match counting for the first day of the pool G. It should be recalled here that this match was played in the so-called national cohesion tournament organized by Papy Tamba, a communicator of the MP and the humble servant of the young people of Ngaliema. According to the organizers, this tournament is in line with the thought shared by the President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila, to see the Congolese youth take conscious of its responsibilities. Hats off to Papy Tamba, on whom the youth of Ngaliema has set his sights.

    It is a heroic confrontation between the solid base and Tout Puissant Mazembe at the Muntubile stadium in Delvaux, in the commune of Ngaliema. The fans of two teams attended a meeting rich in goals and emotions. Despite the first day of pool G, Almighty Mazembe showed his power to snatch the three precious points of this match. In just five minutes, the Mazembiens as they are called, scored two goals. The first goal was the work of bib 8. The second was signed by his central defender. With two goals, TP Mazembe completely marched on his opponent, which no one thought to see in this difficult situation. TP Mazembe’s midfielder scored on the 16th minute as the result of a big mistake from the opposing defense. With three goals at zero, Solid Base takes things seriously. We lived the scenario of a Vita-Imana derby. We had to wait a few minutes afterwards to see the visible solid base response. The surface fox of this club throws a shot of nearly 25 meters which finishes its race to the net. This goal gives hope to the latter. The game seems balanced this time. It’s a shame that TP Mazembe’s midfielder is going to use the solid base guardian in an action in which he manhandled the entire defense until he was alone against the goalkeeper. That is the fourth goal. Then the fifth arrived before the break. Upon returning from the locker room, Solid Base changed tactics. This time, the game is played in the wings. That’s how the bib 9 signs the second goal by a good job of the right winger. Two minutes later, Base solid enjoys a penalty kick. The bib 7 takes charge and marks. At the bleachers, a silence of the dead seized the supporters of Mazembe. That’s not all. Hold ! Nine minutes before the end of the match, the home striker scored a double. Solid base completely resumes its minds. Too late because the remaining minutes gave no chance to this club to equalize. A 5-4, TP Mazembe comes out with three points in his pocket before continuing the adventure. In the same pool, Bana Ngaliema enjoys three points without playing. Because the Veterans’ Club did not show up at the stadium, let alone the field. That was the end of Pool G. Next weekend, four games will be played in Saturday and Sunday in pools A and E. It will also be the start of the second day in Pool A.