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The meeting on Saturday 24 June, 24 hours after the Kinshasa derby, preceded first by a descent to the stadium of the Martyrs for the report, did not result in sanctions that would weigh on the Fc Renaissance of Congo. On the instruction of Fecofa, who now have eyes on this 22nd edition of the national championship, the result of this match Renaissance-Vclub (1-2) was suspended. At the latest news, Fecofa holds an important meeting on Monday 26 June, after which it will decide on the continuation of this match.

The meeting Renaissance-Vclub, it should be clarified, did not end in fish tail. The match came to a normal end. There was the final whistle, consecrating the victory of Vclub on the mark of 2 goals to 1.

The second goal of Vclub, known as ” wining goal ”, was scored very nicely in the 90th minute by the one who was nicknamed this Friday at the stage ” Ne Muanda Nsemi ”, his real name Taggy Agiti Etekiama . Unhappy with this defeat, as they were preparing to celebrate the draw, Fc Renaissance supporters have gone to another phase, unexpectedly, throwing projectiles on the playground, destroying everything on Their passage, including the camera of the national chain. At the end of the match, they invaded the playground, offering a sad spectacle for Congolese football. It is clear from the descent of the Fecofa, accompanied by the officers of the judicial police at the stadium of the Martyrs that the observation is very bitter after this match. The Fecofa met immediately on the same Saturday to sanction the authors but without success. Decisions are expected on Monday. As a reminder, on May 10, the Linafoot had seriously struck FC Renaissance of the Congo, a decision endorsed by Fecofa. He was placed in charge of the Fc Renaissance, a forfeit in match counting for the 7th day against Dcmp, in accordance with article 80, 31 of the CDF, for intentionally removing the corner flags compulsory to the marking of the ground, and also in accordance with Law 1 and 17 point 8 of the FIFA Regulations. To do this, the Linafoot had summoned Renaissance to pay a correctional almond of 7,500 American dollar. Renaissance was also to repair the damage caused, and in the event of a repeat offense, the team of Bishop Pascal Mukuna was warned to be excluded from the competition and relegated to the Lower Division. It is not known if this is the sanction that awaits Renaissance on Monday.

Sad end of championship for Renaissance

The Fc Renaissance of the Congo is now out of the race. The team of ‘Bana Fibo’ which made dream at the beginning of the championship, will gain nothing this season. Renaissance will not even be able to hope for a third place in the standings, synonymous with a qualification in the next competitions club competitions. Three days from the end of the national championship, 2017 edition, the title race becomes very interesting without the Renaissance of the Congo. As Vclub joined Dcmp in the standings with each 24 points. The details are only played in terms of goal-average. Dcmp a +14, and Vclub +9. Fibo stayed very far, static, with 15 points.