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Yesterday, Thursday, December 29, Marcel Utembi and his companions began the last chance tour with President Kabila. Before this one-on-one confrontation, they had relied on the persistent divergences with the delegation of the Rally. Has the demon that hides in the details of 5 percent that blocked up to that point been exorcised? The question remains because the bishops have kept the greatest secrecy on this imperious encounter. However, they have sent the curious and others to follow the developments of the plenaries of this Friday 30 December at 10 am and 3 pm, it is reported. The first one will undoubtedly be based on the Agreement and the second could conclude the foundations of the CENCO. Yes, according to Donatien Nshole, the spokesman of this Catholic structure, Accord or not, the National Episcopal Conference of the Congo should end the direct discussions today.

The chimney of the Interdiocesan Center remained virgin during the month of December while nagging discussions were carried out there to find a political compromise on the management of the country after the end of the mandate of President Kabila. Last Saturday, Marcel Utembi declared that there was a 95 per cent consensus and, on the other hand, everything implied that the remaining 5 per cent would be decanted as easily as an Ave Maria could be recited by a seminarian . However, until the day announced as the ratification of the Agreement, namely this Friday, December 30, the certainty of the unilateral signature of this text is not a given. Majority and Opposition reject these days, the responsibility by press and megaphone interposed. They will do the same if there is no Agreement this Friday. Nothing suprising. This is the most common pattern of politics in Congo-Kinshasa. As for the divergences, the last news, the Majority still does not intend to cede on the desired restructuring of the CENI. For the Rally, the post of Prime Minister must come back to him. He still claims the replacement of Samy Badibanga by a coalition member. Other matters of negotiation concern the sharing of posts at the provincial level. According to sources from both camps, the governors of the current provinces should save their heads, but will be forced to deal with the opposition at the provincial government level. There will remain the thorny issue of the destabilization of the political climate put in harm by the condemnation Wednesday of the opponent Franck Diongo. The Head of State is perhaps the only one who can decant the situation on this crucial issue. From where, the bishops visited him to try to save these assizes that they lead with his great blessing. At the end of this exchange, the delegation of the CENCO declared nothing but fixed an appointment to the opinion today at 10 o’clock.