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Alexis Thambwe Mwamba, Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, has been the victim of the unfounded rumors which have defied the chronicle of his so-called interpellation in Belgium. He has returned to Kinshasa by regular Air France flight since yesterday Sunday 25 June 2017. Let’s say that this return came after a few days mission to Geneva, Switzerland where he had sensitized Congolese diplomats for a support of the position of the DRC against the imposition of an international investigation on the Violence perpetrated in the Kasai space by a militia claiming to fire the customary chief Kamwina Nsapu. On this occasion, the minister, who also mobilized diplomats from countries that are friends of the DRC, notably those of Africa, said that Congolese justice is working on this issue and that it was not appropriate To initiate a second investigation.

It should be noted that some malicious commentators have allowed themselves to announce the embalming in Brussels, while he was making a stopover in that city, on his way to an official mission to Geneva where he was expected. This was to, among other things, deliver a message and the official position of the Government to the UN Human Rights Council. This message related to the serious events that have plunged the DRC in general and two of the five new provinces from the great Kasai in particular and which are also the subject of the publication of a White Paper.

In the Human Rights Council, two competitive texts, one of the European Union supported by Belgium and the USA, which wanted to put Kinshasa under international investigation for the troubles in the Kasaï and another of the African group carried by The DRC, which wanted international experts to collaborate with the Congolese justice, clashed. Of the 47 members of this body, there was no unanimity for four days in this fierce diplomatic struggle between Africans and Europeans in Geneva. The epilogue took place on the morning of Thursday 22 June, after long negotiations until the early hours, the European Union pushed by Belgium threw in the towel by a unilateral withdrawal of its text following the blockade of the group African people behind the DRC. Kinshasa argued its reason for the conspiracy of interference by certain colonial powers in its internal affairs and demonstrated its good faith in accepting United Nations cooperation in investigations.