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The entire Congolese community in France speaks. It’s back to the old love! Tutu Kaludji brother comes back to popular music he had abandoned in 2013, to serve his God. His first rehearsal session at an inn near Paris informs that the progenitor of the dance “Ndombolo” is determined to regain its best host.

Tutu Kaludji abandons the path of the church while the brothers and sisters in Christ firmly waiting on the record market with a new album dedicated to the glory of Jesus Christ.

The artist resumed his musical career in a band consisting of Congolese musicians playing in Europe. Yet during the last conversation on his Facebook page with the newspaper Prosperity, the artist confirmed to have given his life to Jesus Christ. He even vowed not to sing for the creatures or the things of this world. ” My conversion is a recognition that God saved my life. God delivered me from a serious illness. I sing all my life for His glory, ” Kaludji said.

Unfortunately, this decision is temporary for an artist whose passion for music “pagan” has penetrated to the spinal cord. One that was called “Brother Kaludji” joins its “Ndombolo” that has made him a must-celebrity in the music world.

It is thanks to his style of animation and dance “Ndombolo” he was revealed to the public in the album “Young and the Restless” of JB MPIANA in 1995.

In the history of modern Congolese music, Tutu Kaludji is considered the progenitor of this dance that allowed the Congolese to conquer the whole of Africa to the 90s.
He revolutionized the animation in the band Wenge Musica 4×4 alongside JB MPIANA, Werrason Didier Masela … With its particular genre animated speech melodies folklore Kongo, he was able to convince fanatics managed to impose his name on the list of artists precursors of the 4th generation of music in his country.
At the time of the split of Wenge Musica in 1997, Tutu Kaludji who was among the latest recruits to the orchestra chose JB MPIANA camp to create Wenge BCBG group. With his melancholic voice, the facilitator has contributed greatly to the success of JB MPIANA and her adorable angels at the Zenith in Paris in 2001. Twelve years later, Kaludji will leave Wenge BCBG to evolve solo. In 2010 he released his first album “Paris Match”, which, unfortunately, has raised a stinging defeat on the market due to lack of promotion. Currently there still is preparing a new single that will mark his return to the music scene. Time will tell !