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Each generation’s heirs. Lucie Eyenga, Mpongo Love, Abeti Masikini, Tshala Mwana, Mbilia Mbel, Faya Tess, Beyou Ciel, through Goddess Mukangi, Jolie Deta, Honey … Scola, Congolese music has experienced singers with exceptional talents. They succeeded, each, to mark his time in the African musical microcosm and some are considered legends in the DRC.

Today, it is time for a new generation of singers who do not replace the older but they bring glamor and sensual touch in their voice to spice up the music in their own way. However, rumba, this kind of music, which is the identity and the specialty of the Congolese, remains a common dominator of that generation.

These new princesses of Congolese rumba does not have much experience of the scene, but they shine and have a lot of esteem of the public. Many manage to impose their household gods in a very male-dominated universe gente.

While the Congolese rumba was popularized in the years following the independence of the Congo in 1960, with big names such as Jeff Kale, Luambo Franco, Tabu Ley, this has not prevented some women from some of stand out in this environment to most men.

At present, they are talked about and that Congolese music which they all are heirs alongside their male colleagues (Fally Ipupa, Ferre Gola, Fabregas, etc.). These young singers may differ by their vocal timbres but all have in common their gender.

With their striking works, the heirs of the new generation beginning to evidence that open their doors in the annals of the rumba.

They are ten, including Barbara Kanam, Cindy-the-heart, MJ30, Laurette The Pearl and Nathalie Makoma will illustrate true headliner and validly provide respite this rumba.

The stars that rise

Currently, there are some who are talking about it, and control the scene in Kinshasa, where the public does not accept anything and especially anyone in the music. rising stars such as is quoted:

Barbara KANAM: This is undoubtedly one of Congolese and African singers voice as beautiful as glamorous. With 5 albums to her credit, she managed to tame the Kinshasa with his hit “Zawadi” and also his humility and vis-à-vis respect for music lovers. This is his second album “Teti” which reveals the African continent in the song “Bibi Madeleine”, in collaboration with Awilo Longomba. Barbara, known as the “Diva”, owns his own label “Kanam Music,” which produced his latest album, “Zawadi,” whose dance of President raged on land.

Nathalie Makoma: She made her debut in the gospel, along with his brothers and sisters in the Christian group Congolese “Makoma” with whom she released 3 albums and won in 2000 the prize for best gospel group at the MTV Africa Awards. After three hit records, the young singer, with his acute vocal cord, abandons the family orchestra, to carve his own path. So she rushed into the Pop and Rumba. The public has yet discovered his feat in the song “ya ba 6,000,000 worries” sung in featuring with Papa Wemba. Nathalie participates in the Dutch competition “Idols” and finished second in 2008. In a powerful voice to the Tina Turner, it vibrates the speakers in Kinshasa, his hometown and in Amsterdam, the residential town. His newest title “Daddy G” allows it to be straddling the Netherlands and the DRC where she became very close to the lovers of good music.

Laurette The Pearl, “The Congolese Rihanna,” Laurette Pearl was presented to debut by the media as the new Mbilia Mbel. Very sensual in her videos, great! It is voted best female artist of Central Africa to the “All Africa Music Awards.” His recent album “Love Story” released in December 2015 confirmed his talent in the country and continues to do in Africa. One of his greatest hits “Follow me” made in featuring with the Tour 2 Garde (Ivorian Group) that Laurette is still and always visible on the international media.

Cindy the Heart: Ancient Christian musician, alongside little known singer Kool Matope she joined Koffi Olomide in 2007 and sees his popularity climbed from the first album “Ezanga Kombo Edge” which it participates masterfully. Her soft voice and charming makes his person, his hair style too. Already overshadow some men musicians, while being in the shadow of his mentor, what will happen when it will fly solo like her sisters? What is certain, Cindy, called “Wankoro” promises a better future thanks mainly to its angelic, gentle voice that adapts to all kinds of world music.

J. 30: This is with the National Mamu, Tshala Mwana, with whom she separated in 2013, she tried to break out after Koffi Olomide in 2007. Just like Cindy heart, 30 MJ sings Kool Matope before making the choice to redirect to popular music in Kinshasa. Sensual, but also educational, which is normal when you are alongside Tshala Mwana, it has succeeded in developing an artistic diversity in his creations. His first album “Mastor” was released in 2012 and made the public discover a full mature singer. With an open mind, GM who took up residence in France, is already preparing to launch its third album.

Like their colleagues that are installed on site in the country, we had to detect some Congolese singers playing in France and Belgium, such as Dyzi Show and Akanyi La Douce. They abound in talent they deserve the special attention of the Congolese.

Without state support, these singers work, create and plot their way to defend Congolese music that knows a fierce face that threat Ivorian and Nigerian on the mainland market.