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Barbara Kanam was acclaimed “Best African Female Artist” at the 2nd edition of the Afroca Music Awards in 2016 including the Oscar awards evening was held last weekend in Brazzaville, in the presence of the Congolese authorities and music lovers from four corners of the world. Back in Kinshasa, African music diva who, despite his multiple occupations, gave an interview in your diary, in which the singer Rd Congo, expresses its gratitude to those who supported it during its 15 years of musical career. Here are his answers to our questions.

You still have just won the trophy for “Best African Female Artist” in AFROCA MUSIC AWARD 2016 in Brazzaville. What does this award for you?

BARBARA KANAM: This price represents the value of more than 10 years of postage career. I fought for my music really finds its place. It is also the expression of a female voice committed to enhance the artist and African women in general. It is the fruit of a long-term work of a visionary artist. But above all, may glory, honor and praise be rendered to God Almighty, which allows me to hold good to this day. Thank you! Long live Africa! The Caribbean live.

On what basis were you selected to the 2nd edition of the AFROCA MUSIC AWARD?

BK: I was not alone in the category of “best female artist”. There were Cameroonian, Nigerian and an Ivorian. But I believe I am the most experienced, because many of them had not yet started music when I had already faced the first Kora Awards in South Africa. I think it is thanks to my album “Zawadi,” which is an excellent course in Africa with beautiful songs such as “Life”, “Dance of the President” … I was listed among the nominees on behalf of Africa and the Caribbean. I told you “ZAWADI” is a precious gift for those who love my music. When you give, there is always more fun to receive. Like today, I began to receive honors anywhere with this record that seems to be my lucky charm. Really, this work has opened many doors. Thank you to the public. Already, there are still a new dance called “Mela mayi”: “drink water”, which already looks sensational!

To whom do you dedicate this medal?

BK: I dedicate to you all! The media and my African fanatical as I affectionately call “kanamiennes” and “kanamiens”, not to mention my Kanam Music Group as well as all my family that continues to support me in this adventure, because it is thanks to you I get these merits.

What serve all these trophies in your career?

BK: When an artist is rewarded, it is always encouraging, it allows to move forward, but also a great responsibility. I was able to transcend the artistic side, valuing my job. A pride for Congolese women, in general. To tell you that you can be female artist but with a touch of elegance, excellence, giving you value!

Where are you with the project to honor Mpongo Love, who left the land of men, it was 20 years ago?

BK: I know that fans of good music, many of you write to me to have a place at the concert tribute to Mpongo Love I intend to capture Kinshasa and Brazzaville. Obviously, scheduled for mid-August, I announce that the event is postponed to a later date. We are preparing the thoroughly in order to gather all the ingredients that will make this event memorable and colorful, at the height of the artist that I wish to honor. So the event will definitely take place at a date that will be communicated shortly.

How can you justify your participation in the current campaign against malaria in the DRC?

BK: I am a committed artist. Beyond the beats, my music is a channel to pass messages to rouse consciences, to give hope to the Congolese, African youth. My voice must be for the benefit of the nation, and throughout Africa. I am a woman warned, the voice of the voiceless. Through my music, I feel obliged to contribute to the development and welfare of the community. I was contacted by the Ministry of Public Health and the BSO to accompany the net distribution campaign treated bed nets in the fight against malaria in my country. I could only support this program which aims to eradicate malaria, which kills more than Hiv-AIDS here at home. Apart from this health program, I am also part of the team of the jury for the Miss Congo-DRC in 2016, the final will be held next weekend in Kinshasa.

You are an intelligent artist, who often defends the causes and women’s values through his songs. Why not politics?

BK far from me, for now, any idea of the political risk of tainting my career and especially to divide my fanatics. I will not have a political color now. I am neither the opposition nor the majority. Barbara is a singer, simple, which belongs to the Congo and Africa. I have the grace to have a voice and a reputation for providing the joy and peace to the public.