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Over a hundred fans responded to the invitation by the Rambo of Congolese music in the velodrome Kintambo. There he had scheduled a concert under the theme ” Koffi freely sings ”. It was, it is worth saying, the first live performance of the artist after his legal troubles in the ‘Case Palema’ ‘the dancer to whom he had given a violent kick, Kenya. A strong wave of protest will was followed, resulting, first, his expulsion from Kenya and his arrest in Kinshasa.

It was 5:30 p.m. ‘, said Saturday when the artist made his triumphal entry to the crowd. Before all the public, the superstar apologized. Especially, women in general and women of Kinshasa, particularly. Koffi Olomide, renowned musician, accompanied by a strong team of Latin quarter, his band has delivered good music to music lovers. This concert coincides also with the celebration of 60 years of age. Therefore, this provision had a twofold significance to Koffi Olomide for. The audience enjoyed songs such as aspirin, abracadabra, selfie, diabolos, Mulunge and many others. It is this atmosphere that has ended this concert, to the great satisfaction of all