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Since November, musician-artist HERITIER WATANABE, known as MOTO na TEMBE, has launched his new album “RETIRADA” on the African record market. Curiously, this musical aubade passed by the plate because it has not, hitherto hooked, music lovers of good music, in Kinshasa where one does not easily accept anything and any matter Which in the musical sector. No song of this opus is known to the general public!

Despite all the noise made by the young singer after his departure from Wenge MM, nothing reassures the public with regard to the continuation of his career. He who believed to take is caught in the vice by other albums, including “Poison -Antidote” Fabregas or “Number 9” Robinio Mundibu, his former colleagues.

HERITIER WATA remains very determined to convince then that his disc continues to wade on the field. Remember his remarks the day after his resignation from the band Wenge MM: “I will do the music differently but in my own way”. We have the right to dream. My dreams have a particular format. You can not prevent a human being from dreaming. I dream higher because I am grateful to my father, from whom I have learned a great deal. Werra showed me the job. I lived in his house for more than 5 years and so I learned a lot, “he said.

33 years old, WATANABE leads a new adventure that he calls himself “career of honor”, which unfortunately suffers from a glaring lack of promotion through the media.