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In spite of the odds, the President of the New Generation for the Emergence of the Congo, NOGEC, Constant Mutamba Tungunga said that he would not remain “arms crossed” as long as the DR. Congo has not yet acceded to a transfer of power in a peaceful and democratic way. The activist of this citizen movement was arrested on Tuesday, December 20th at the commune of Ngiri-Ngiri at the moment when he and the militants of his regroupment were in full sit-in pacific in the margin of their operation “Sifflet”, decreed Recently to notify the Head of State of the end of his second and last term in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic.

As announced in their various statements, the New Generation for the Emergence of Congo as well as other citizen movements of R & D. Congo, had probably, on the night of 19 December, initiated peaceful demonstrations throughout the Res publica in the straight line of the expiry of the constitutional deadline of President Joseph Kabila. It is in this perspective that Constant Mutamba reports that he was arrested around 5 o’clock by law enforcement officers as he was walking drumming drums with several pro-democracy activists. He was taken to an unknown destination, according to Tony Mongo, president of the EKOKI DRC movement, on Radio Okapi. Moreover, his relatives, with several activists of the citizen movements, had traveled through several structures of detention, in his search, but without favor. This Thursday, December 22, two days of embarrassment for his family, than this propagandist of true democracy in R & D. Congo was released after being beaten energetically.

Although Wounded, malformed, therefore, in very disconcerting state, NOGEC and Cie thank the Almighty God that their combatant is thus alive. However, they criticize the ill-treatment of law enforcement officials who, according to one of the activists, should protect the population, not beat it, since it has the constitutional right to protest.

Notwithstanding all that he has suffered as massacres and pains, Constant Mutamba, in pro-democratic quality, indicates that he would fight, as far as possible, so that the Congolese people can realize one of their dreams warmly desired . That of the immeasurable respect of the Constitution. This would allow them, at the same time, to alternate at the level of the Institution “President of the Republic”.

It should be noted that he is currently in the process of taking proper care enabling him to quickly regain all his physical and moral strength.