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On 23 December 2016, a meeting of young people on their involvement in the process of peace-building will take place in the large meeting room of Christ-Roi in the commune of Kasa-Vubu. This, at the initiative of the Mutualité des Jeunes Sages, in acronym MJS. This meeting is organized within the framework of the challenges of the day in order to sensitize the key actors of this Mutualité to promote the participation of the young people in the culture of the consolidation of Peace in Kinshasa in general and in Kasa-Vubu in particular. The various national reference tools and the role of young people in society will form the basis of the exchanges at this meeting.

The opening of this “seminar” will take place on 23 December 2016 in
Starting at 9 am. According to Mbenza Carrel, President of the Mutualité des jeunes, this event is part of the MJS’s program to remind young people of their involvement in the process of culture and peace-building in order to give young people the opportunity Express their opinions and share their views on the contributions of their behavior in promoting the role of young people to peace and the development of their environment as well as their innovative technological, social, political and cultural initiatives to promote Role of young people in these areas.
A young person, he defines, is like any person aged between 14 and 30 years. More than half of the Congolese population is in this age group. “Most face many problems related to limited access to education, the lack of data on young people and the exclusion of young people from the decision-making process, whether on their own The future of the country, “he said. He also said that the low participation of young people in the decision-making process also undermines the recognition of the place of young people in society. Considering themselves as actors of peace and development in their own right, the young people of this Mutuality will be able to rely on their strength and active knowledge of the situation of the country to ensure a climate conducive to the improvement of the living conditions of their environment .
Young people as actors of prevention against acts of vandalism.

With the aim of engaging young people in effective participation in the prevention of acts of vandalism and the
The violent extremism within their commune, the young people of Kasa-Vubu regrouped within MJS intends to apply the lessons learned in their personal life, in their surroundings and also in the Mutuality in which they militate.
On the question of the mission of their organization, Isaac
Kayembe replies: “Our Association is a non-profit organization that works for the culture of peace, the defense of the rights of young people and the consolidation of peace. We also inform, train and disseminate to young people the need to know their rights “. According to him, the aim of this meeting is to train and interact with young people to realize that they can build a model community where there is more to gain in entrepreneurship, self-employment and Volunteering only in the race towards ease, looting and responding to calls for mistrust.
For Héritier Tubila, secretary of MJS: “The commune of Kasa-Vubu is unfortunately empty of its vital forces, its talents, and its brains. The social elevator is broken down and young people can no longer imagine how to earn a decent living. Young people whose dreams are cramped in their countries, want to make it happen elsewhere. Just look around to take the measure of change. Young people find it difficult to create their own sense of identity and dignity, because without support they lack spaces to create self-esteem and can not develop self-confidence ” , He explained.