Congo RDC General Life Congo Paparazi Reply To: Congo Paparazi


On the occasion of the festivities commemorating the birth of Christ and the New Year 2017, the staff of the Multimodal Freight Management Office joins its leaders as we are to present the best wishes:

To His Excellency Joseph KABILA KABANGE, President of the Republic, Head of State;
To the Honorable Presidents of two Chambers of the President, Aubin MINAKU and Léon KENGO WA DONDO;
To His Excellency the Prime Minister, Samy BADIBANGA NTITA;
To the Honorable Members and Senators;
To their Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the Government of broad national unity;
To the distinguished High Authorities of the Judicial World;
To the Chargeurs operating in the DRC and to the various partners of the OGEFREM;
To the valiant Congolese people as a whole.

Through the continuation of the facilitation actions and the erection of the shippers’ assistance infrastructures, OGEFREM reaffirms its determination to accompany the Head of State and the Government of the Republic, in their efforts to make the DRC, An emerging nation, where peace and national concord prevail, a pledge of integral development.

May the Most Highly bless the DRC and its Head, its Institutions and its people!

Done at Kinshasa on 21/12/2016


Chairman of the Board of Directors


General manager