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While some celebrated the Nativity of Christ, the others, on the other hand, celebrated their birthday. This is the case of Jacques-Noël Kawumbu who combined the two. He was born on 25 December 1977 in Tshofa, in the Province of Lomami. It is a fruit of Ebondo and Mbula. On the occasion of the remembrance of his birth, a Mass of thanksgiving, grafted to that of Christmas, was celebrated at the Parish Christ-Roi in Kasa-Vubu, where his wife, his children, familiar and close, Are found in large numbers. After the Eucharist, his followers went to the home of Mr Jean-Bosco Elumba Mpungwe, where they were expected for a demonstration.

On December 25 of each year, Christians throughout the world remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas 2016 was under the sign of peace. The latter was the main message of Pope Francis to the whole world, in particular to the Congolese people. He called for an end to the divisions and demanded that all people of good will undertake a path of development and sharing, preferring the culture of dialogue to the logic of confrontation. The same appeal was made by Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo, who asked every Christian not to kill his fellow man and above all by arms. For he said, “Whoever kills with the sword shall perish also by the sword.” The Cardinal’s communication, as read by the Principal Celebrant of the Mass, was internalized by Jacques-Noël who celebrated his 39th birthday today.

Who is he ?

Jacques Kawumbu Ebondo is a son from Tshofa, located in the District of Lubao, in the Province of Lomami. He saw the day on December 25, 1977 by thanks to Mamma Mbula, his mother and father Ebondo, his father. He is married to Madame Francine. He is the father of three children, including two daughters and a boy. He did his primary studies at the E.P.A Nambutwile and humanitarian at the Shabana Institute. He is a graduate in general pedagogy. Jacques-Noël Kawumbu, is an officer of the Congolese National Police, where he renders great services to the Nation. He currently holds the rank of Deputy Senior Commissioner. In his address to the manifestation, he at once gave thanks to God Almighty, the master of time and circumstance, for having protected him during all the time that he spent on earth. Then he thanked his wife, his children and especially his dear friend, Jean-Bosco Elumba, who broke in four for the accomplishment of the demonstration. He finally reiterated the call for unity and peace. He will always be at the service of the people for his protection and that of his possessions, he said in the end.

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