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Journalists dispatched to the Inter-diocesan Center to cover the plenary of the Dialogue held under the auspices of the CENCO, returned almost empty-handed in their editorial, Thursday, December 29, 2016. Plenary scheduled for adoption of the recommendations of the Inclusive Agreement n Moreover, was due to divergences in suffering which, it seems, exceeded the extent of the power of the delegates.

These are divergences on the Head of Government, the powers of the Monitoring Committee and the reconstitution of the CENI that persist. In the face of the intransigence on the one hand of the legates of the Presidential Majority with their allies who signed the Agreement of 18 October last and on the other the Opposition embodied by the Rassemblement and the Front pour le Compliance with the Constitution, the mediators of the CENCO (National Episcopal Conference of the Congo) decided to discuss directly, but separately, with President Kabila and opponent Tshisekedi. In the evening, the prelates traveled to the Palais de la Nation to meet the Head of State. Shortly afterwards, they were announced at Limete, in the residence of Etienne Tshisekedi. At first glance, there is no divergence that is really insurmountable. The different parties to the discussions are torn around individuals, no more. As a matter of principle, the choice or appointment of the Prime Minister rests with the Opposition. But the Rassemblement claims its paternity.

While the others, that is, the caciques of the Presidential Majority, want to retain Samy Badibanga in the Prime Minister’s office on behalf of the Opposition party to the 18 October Agreement. Thus they programmed a plenary to the National Assembly for consideration of the State Budget 2017 stopped at some $ 4 billion. In this regard, the Senate has taken a different approach. At the Plenary on Thursday, December 29, the Senators extended the provisional credits granted to the Government for four months. It is an option that could give enough time to the Government of the Republic to prepare and present a realistic state budget. In any case, it will be necessary for the two Houses of Parliament to come to an agreement as to what is best to be done for the proper functioning of the Republic.

How far are they willing to go?

The CENCO, in a progress report, had spoken of 95% progress since the start of direct negotiations, on 8 December 2016, at the Interdiocesan Center. It was given to journalists to learn that the Head of State would remain in office for an additional year, that a consensual management would be instituted during the transitional period. The duration of the transition has been reduced. The presidential and national legislative elections will be organized in December 2017 and not in April 2018 as originally announced. A Strong Monitoring Committee with expanded powers should be established. Who will take orders? The Rally or the Front? At the latest news, the Front led by the MLC wants to take the lead of the Monitoring Committee, because not starting for the Prime Minister. Even if the Agreement were signed, it will remain, however, the problematic of its implementation.