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Already, after the 48-hour ultimatum issued to stakeholders, on 12 May 2017, Felix Tshisekedi’s Rally rejected the offer. In Kasa-Vubu, Joseph Olenghankoy, behind his wing of the Rally, would obviously have no reason to miss the opportunity to strike the head of the CNSA. At the Front for the Respect of the Constitution, Eve Bazaïba and Fidèle Babala, two faithful of Bemba Gombo, were also engaged in the race. Kamerhe, still Vital, swore only on the conquest of the Presidency of the CNSA, on behalf of the Opposition signatory to the Agreement of 18 October, concluded At the Cité of the African Union, under the aegis of Kodjo, the former Prime Minister of Togo designated as a Facilitator by the AU and supported by an International Dialogue Support Group. A candidate to rank in the ranks of the Outsiders, in the person of Odette Babandoa Etoa, had also signaled to compete with anyone who would be interested in the battle of succession to Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba in this The CNSA.

Today at 12 noon, all candidates delegated to the CNSA are expected at the People’s Palace. Minaku and Kengo, the Presidents of two Houses of Parliament who, on 27 April, had officially signed the signing ceremony of a Particular Arrangement, strongly criticized by the Bishops and challenged at the Rassemblement de Limete.

This time, the President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila Kabange, entrusted them with the task of co-chairing the very first meeting of the National Council of Follow-up of the Agreement. It will be the first of its kind since the Interdiocesan Center, the parties to the direct discussions, held from December 8, 2016 to March 27, 2017, laid the foundation for a consensus on co-management of the transition and Political clearance measures for free, transparent, democratic and peaceful elections set for the end of December 2017.

What is it about ?

In principle, it could be a validation meeting of the mandates during this meeting. Then we will certainly move on to the phase of the establishment of the Provisional Bureau, in accordance with the options that were lifted and recorded in the New Year’s Eve Agreement.


The tasks assigned to the CNSA are known. One of the most important is the assessment of the electoral process. And, on that score, the agreement of 31 December 2016 provided that the CENI, the government and the CNSA should be at the same table, to evaluate the electoral process and, if necessary, draw new perspectives In terms of dates and deadlines.

Now, as the days go by, the process moves inexorably towards the last six months of this one-year extension (12 months) given to stakeholders for the peaceful elections.

However, to date, in the absence of the revision of the electoral law and the essential laws, including the distribution of seats, in the absence of the electoral calendar and the electoral register, how will the body be convened Election, at the end of October 2017? How will the end of 2017 be managed if the elections are not organized? Is this why we now want to set up the CNSA, although the relevant law, which nevertheless requires that an extraordinary session be convened, has not even been prepared, examined or adopted?

Come back

Normally, Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, nominated intuitu personae, should have presided over the destiny of the CNSA, this important institution of support for democracy, since January 26, 2017, had it not been for the Pulmonary embolism which, contrary to all expectations and in spite of all the efforts of the doctors and the prayers of its followers, have succeeded in winning the 1st February 2017 at 5:22 pm at the Clinique Sainte Elisabeth in Brussels, Belgium.

Moreover, until today, since it has not yet been buried, the date of the repatriation of his body comes so much of a mystery that before the imbroglio, his biological and political family, would be tempted, Once again, to fix a new date unilaterally. The place of burial and exposure no longer poses a problem, according to one of those who had been speaking with the Congolese authorities on this subject.