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During a briefing held on June 30, 2017 in Kinshasa, the President of the Solidarity Movement for Change, MSC, described as appalling the fact that the DRC is celebrating the 57th anniversary of its accession to national and international sovereignty In anonymity. The DRC is plunged into a black hole, he said. After the conclave, the Rassemblement expects to publish a new roadmap, new actions to be carried out with the aim of raising awareness in Congo-Kinshasa. He called on the Congolese people to enroll massively in order to elect members of the Rally in the next elections by sanctioning votes towards those who are currently running.

He took this opportunity to call on the population to become aware of its responsibility as President Etienne Tshisekedi had said. During his lifetime he invited “the people to take charge,” says Laurent Batumona. Fuztituting the behavior of the power by its absence to meet the expectations of the Congolese population, if only on the social level, the National President of the MSC announced the holding of a Conclave of the Rally. For him, it is the high place where the various components will reflect on the actions to be undertaken in order to get the country out of the abyss where it is at present. “The crisis that the Congolese people is going through is rooted in bad governance,” he said, before asserting that the Rassemblement is refining strategies to enable the Congolese people to get to work in order to Wash away the stigma and embark on the path of erasing the humiliation of so great a land blessed by God. For this National Deputy of the Opposition, Laurent Batumona, in his capacity as Logistics Coordinator and President of the People’s Front, a new roadmap will determine the march of the Rally. “In my opinion, I think that in a few days the Conclave will be convened. A new road map will lead the new actions to be carried out and will determine the sequence of events, “said Laurent Batumona. It is in this perspective that he called on the population to enroll massively. His call for patriotic awakening focused on the enlistment of voters because in due course, this population will have a say on the fate of the Congolese leaders. For him, he is leading this battle for the welfare of the largest number of Congolese citizens.

Drawing up the political, social and economic situation of the DRC since its accession to national and international sovereignty, he declared that, apart from independence, the DRC, in all its aspects, is plunged by the current power in the ” abyss. We celebrate this independence against the backdrop of an economic, political and social crisis created voluntarily by the government. This crisis makes the life of the peaceful citizen difficult. Eating becomes a luxury for many families. The great consequence is that the workers are sacrificed and reduced to begging and abandoned to their own fate at the expense of ruling leaders who illustrate their impunity and bad governance. The path was traced out of this abyss by the Cenco, producing an agreement that all, of the MP, Opposition and Civil Society, signed. Unfortunately, the ill will of the government has chosen the path of chaos to prevent the application of this agreement of December 31, 2016.