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Joseph Olenghankoy, in his capacity as National President of the Innovative Forces for Union and Solidarity, appealed to the responsibility, peace and love of the homeland and launched to all young people Of the Democratic Republic of Congo. To this same youth, he asked to remain vigilant to understand the insecurity that is becoming more and more serious in the capital. Aware of his responsibilities as a politician, he took the opportunity to call on all Congolese to enroll massively because, he said, there will be elections sooner or later in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Joseph Olenghankoy, on the application of the agreement of the Saint-Sylvester, believes that things are evolving to the extent that there is already a government resulting from this agreement and which is working not only to organize the Elections, but also to improve the social situation of the Congolese population. All that remains is the setting up of the National Committee for the Follow-up of the Agreement, in acronym CNSA. It should be recalled that according to the agreement of 31 December, the presidency of this structure is the right of the President of the Council of Elders of the Rally.

“It is unacceptable ! All that we are living in these days. Dear compatriots, let us rise as one man and protect our homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo “. It was in these words that Joseph Olenghankoy, the National President of the Forces for the Union and Solidarity, challenged the youth of his party, in particular, and the entire Congolese population in general. He also called for vigilance to save the Republic in danger. That the Congolese do not let themselves be manipulated because, he emphasizes, Libya has yielded. That is why today there is an endless war. As a good politician, Olenghankoy wants to prevent events and protect the population. During the press conference he hosted yesterday, Sunday 16 July 2017, at the headquarters of his party, he put more emphasis on the defence of the homeland and enlistment.

“We have come to tell you that this land belongs to all of us, it’s called R & D. Congo. The political situation of our country today is both worrying and full of future. The situation is worrying because you have noticed that for some time we have been experiencing unacceptable violence. These episodes of violence will not help us to build our future, that of our children and future generations. We have to use other examples like Libya who lived the good weather, but today, because of the repeated violence, this country is a hell. Dear compatriots, become conscious and willing that our country never be pouring into war. It is through our will as Congolese that we are going to change things positively, “he made a pathetic appeal.

Protecting the DRC’s borders

The situation is serious ! Predicts Joseph Olenghankoy. We must take all the responsibilities to save the Congolese nation. “We must save our country by protecting our borders and especially protecting our people. The dignity of a people is to watch over the survival of their fellow citizens. Dear young people, you are the future of this country. You and I must fight evil. With violence in the capital, we are losing our country and our dignity. We all have to stand up and prove to the world that we are a united people. What unites us is stronger than what divides us. What unites us is the DRC, our common heritage. The politician has a vocation to prevent events, “he told the media. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he called on all of them to respect the memory of Tshisekedi wa Mulumba Etienne who advocated peace and non-violence. “Etienne Tshisekedi, a few months before his death, he had called us in Genval, in the Kingdom of Belgium, to say that he wanted peace. One can not say that one is a Christian when one can not follow the path of Jesus. We can not say that we are Tshisekedist when we refuse peace and non-violence in the country, “he concluded.