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The Labor Party and the new Political and Social Class are ready for the upcoming elections. This is explained by the official launch yesterday, Sunday 16 July 2017 in the commune of Limete in Funa, of the electoral center of the Labor Party. It was Steve Mbikayi himself, in his capacity as initiator of the Labor Party and of the New Political and Social Class, which launched the plant. This gesture proves to the point that the PT is ready to face the next elections that are already in the process of voter enrollment. On this occasion, the moral authority of the party installed the members of the office of the electoral center which will have the heavy mission to implement the strategies of the party in connection with the elections. Steve Mbikayi and the PT are determined to take more than 20 seats at the national level and several other seats at the local and provincial levels. In his word, the Labor Party Initiator said that the party will be represented at all levels. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he welcomed the work being done at the provincial level by the Inter-federal Presidents. According to his remarks, the PT is counted among the 20 best parties of all the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Steve Mbikayi has set up the office of the Labor Party’s electoral center in front of several hundred members. The latter has grandiose ambitions for the upcoming elections. It is a question of electing more than 20 national MPs on its list and several others at the provincial and local level. In front of the press, the Moral Authority of the PT has fixed assignments assigned to this office composed of 22 members. “We came to install the coordinating office of our Labor Party’s electoral center. It is a gesture to prove that we are well prepared to face the electoral battle to come as soon as the CENI will invite us. The mission that is being given to this plant is to start preparations for the elections because we have set ourselves a lot of goals for this. And, we have ambitions large enough in relation to these electoral games. We want to be among the most important parties in the Republic by the number of seats we need at all levels, namely local, provincial, and national, “he said. “We have 15 to 20 MPs at the national level and we want to be represented at all levels. Instead of being distracted, we have preferred to take action to prepare ourselves seriously for this. So we think that with the work being done in different provinces, we can do that. We want this office to help us achieve the goals we have. “

No elections in 2017

Reacting to the controversy over the non-organisation of elections in 2017 as announced by the President of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Corneille Nangaa, PT number one thinks this is not a surprise because all Negotiators either of the city of the African Union or the Cenco knew full well that it was impossible to organize the elections within the time limit fixed by the agreement of the saint-sylvestre. He took this opportunity to call on Congolese politicians to avoid demagoguery and to tell the truth to the people. “In relation to the controversy over what the President of the CENI, Corneille Nangaa, declared, I think he did well to anticipate to avoid tensions such as the one we September of last year. Because when we were at CENCO, all of us, negotiators, were sure that it was not possible to have the elections in 2017. This date was imposed on the CENI when it disagreed . That’s what Mr. Corneille Nangaa said, that’s what all the negotiators already knew, but refused to say. I think that we must stop with demagogy, elections are possible next year, that is to say in 2018. This year is a utopia, “he said.

Speaking with his speech, the Secretary General of the Labor Party, Aaron Mukula, called on all of them to be aware. For him, we must not give in to distraction, we must rather stand ready because sooner or later, there will be elections in this country. In his speech, he elaborated on several points, including the electoral context in the DRC; The motivations for the establishment of the coordination office of the electoral center of the PT … So far, it must be said that the Coordination Office of the Electoral Center of the Labor Party is installed.