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At the summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, the Heads of State and Government adopted a resolution on the establishment of an African Youth Development Fund. This resolution, it should be said, is the first of this summit. And, thus, confirms the leadership of the DRC through the person of Francine Muyumba, President of the Pan-African Union of Youth (UPJ) on the continental political agora. At least that is the opinion of several observers in Addis Ababa. “Taking full advantage of the demographic dividend by investing in Youth” is the theme for this meeting, the second and last of its kind for 2017.

The agenda of the day included the report by President Idriss Deby (initiator of the theme of the year 2017) on youth, drawing on the main youth recommendations recently formulated by young people at the Pan African Youth Forum. Thus, History will remember that on July 3, 2017, following the tireless advocacy of PUJ President Francine Muyumba and her team and the support of the thousands of young Africans, a new step was taken With a view to the development of youth, following the definitive establishment of the African Youth Development Fund. Its adoption unanimously took place on Monday 3 July 2017 in plenary by all the Heads of State and Government of the African Union after a debate on the report focused on youth presented by President Chadian Idris Déby Itno Who is at the same time President of the African Union. This decision is a great relief for the African youth, according to Francine Muyumba who is awaiting its materialization so that this is beneficial to all African youth. She thanked President Idriss Deby Itno, the African Union Youth 2017 Champion, Professor Alpha Condé and all African Heads of State. Francine Muyumba, on behalf of the African youth, thanked the Commission of the African Union and all the young Africans who participated in this struggle. This is a great victory for African youth because the African Fund for Youth Development that has just been adopted in Addis Ababa represents 1% of the budget of the African Union. That is what will be allocated to this fund, which is almost US $ 7 million.