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Amy Ambatobe, Minister of the Environment and Rural Development was once again this Thursday 12 October 2017 in the hemicycle of the People’s Palace. This member of the Tshibala Government was asked to respond to the various concerns raised during his presentation on Tuesday, October 10, of the bill authorizing the ratification of the Paris agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change. At the end of this plenary, he had asked for 48 hours to gather the elements of adequate answers. After giving more refined insights to the concerns of the Honourable Deputies, the plenary adopted its text. Amy Ambatobe remains optimistic about the smooth progress of this bill, which normally has to pass to the upper house in order to be sent to the presidency for its promulgation.

The Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development explained to journalists how important it is for the DRC to ratify the Paris agreement. This, he said, would offer perceived benefits under several political, diplomatic, and forestry issues in relation to the agreement. Moreover, the Paris Agreement was adopted by 195 States and was signed in New York on 22 April by the President of the Republic. Accession to this Agreement is perceived as a symbol of the coherence and continuity of our political commitment as expressed by the Guarantor of the Nation. Apart from this, the DRC, by adhering to this historic agreement, has affirmed its Regional and International Leadership, which has placed it among the leaders of countries with ambitions in the fight against climate change. In concrete terms, under the terms of the agreement and the accompanying decisions, the Green Climate Fund, which currently has an initial capital of US $ 10.2 billion, will be fed by developed countries to channel financing climatic conditions equivalent to 100 billion US dollars from 2020, the year foreseen for the entry into force of the agreement. This financial windfall undoubtedly presents itself as an opportunity to be seized for the DRC, said the Minister of the Environment to the Deputies. According to Amy Ambatobe, this agreement also provides for a new precise financial commitment from 2025 and will be reviewed every five years. This, before rebounding, also, on the forestry issues. “The DRC, which holds more than 145 million hectares of forests; As the world’s second lung after the Amazon, to maintain its leadership position in climate regulation, it should feel challenged. The same is true of securing the right of communities to access forest resources. This, in accordance with Article 13 of the said Agreement on Transparency and State Sovereignty, ” he said. Amy Ambatobe pointed out that the same applies to securing the communities’ right of access to forest resources guaranteed by the provision mentioned above in the Paris text, which reinforces and guarantees the sustainable and efficient management of the forest.