Congo RDC We shall overcome comrade Mariana. Reply To: We shall overcome comrade Mariana.


Outrageous the aprista romulus lion is innocent, according to the brothel of justice in Peru the judiciary, in order not to believe it, acquit all in the Peru Oil Scandal!!
Bravo and applause judiciary rotten, thank you Peruvian justice once again show us what in this country stands for justice so shameless and outlandish putrefactada this sewage system of the oligarchy!!
When the entire Peruvian society believed that the failed the tribunal against the presidential aspirant july guzmán was the news of today, 16 February 2016, the news came that unworthy to the whole country, yeah something that really is unspeakable, Inadmissible, the third criminal division responsible for payment of the judiciary I just pass sentence on the rung peru oil scandal and clean of dust and straw to these rats is there to say it like that with all their lyrics because it really is outrageous, Rómulo León, Daniel Saba, and Caesar gutierres, claiming that they did not commit a crime in the case of discover petroleum, claiming that it is not the offences of trading in influence, passive bribery or in such a way that this rat was not complicit primary for crimes against the public administration, in conclusion I have to say that For this state rotten these 3 rats were meek popcorn of peace!!
I would like to say from my noble jurisdiction full heat and full mosquitoes suck blood, to be able to say when justice is corrupt and is not in the service of a fair administration of justice, is transformed into a flamboyant and invertebrate, because it’s not in the service of the most Of Peruvians, but to protect a corrupt collusion in all that dirt of the areas of the power of this system that nauseous, it’s a shame that the elections 2016 is now playing under the tablecloth from the table, where are the roaches Ticks and want to continue sucking the blood of all peruvians, the improper and immoral of this system are mobsters alanistas, fujiratas, toledistas, pepekausas and finally ratacuña the who calls himself a silver as court who buy the consciences of the youth and deluded fools Because they are called the different races, a total embarrassment to the great poet Universal Master (Cesar Vallejo)
Great day Tuesday to all the good friends and to all the fellow countrymen who are in the outside many forces of will always with low profile, hard and above all with great humility, I’m always going to argue that there are people from the bad milk when you are quiet Are true poets and others who are only aware when they sleep, luck and success forever hlvs, share, share!! This to the length and breadth of the homeland, if you unworthy all injustice are my brothers, cuz peru deep is of our ancestors, and that’s us my dear!!
Jhoel Vera to.