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    We shall overcome comrade Mariana… We shall overcome!!!
    A wonderful example of a woman
    I met her on the day of my arrival to San Vicente. Ivan Rivers picked me up in the house that, it was known as the seat of the farc and took me with him to the camp of Raul Reyes. He drove a white suv that he had been gifted to their movements, and to his side was traveling sitting yurley, the girl with whom the then shared loves.

    comrade Mariana
    I met her on the day of my arrival to San Vicente. Ivan Rivers picked me up in the house that, it was known as the seat of the farc and took me with him to the camp of Raul Reyes. He drove a white suv that he had been gifted to their movements, and to his side was traveling sitting yurley, the girl with whom the then shared loves. Before I get out of the city, Ivan mentioned that I had to pick up Mariana, after which came out of the main avenue towards the interior of a neighborhood. Should be almost seven o’clock in the evening. We stopped in front of a house. A woman opened the door and invited us to spend.
    It was white, long hair, with a funny face dotted with freckles and a natural joy that seemed to want to desbordársele by your eyes. I was talking about in a hurry, and when he went to Ivan called him don Ivan, thing that irritated me of entry. It seems to me that that sort of thing set a long distance with the people, in addition to that they don’t have anything to do with the willingness of the farc. I was surprised that Ivan would admit it. We went to a small living room, and once there, the woman treated to another, who came to greet us, to help him serve us dinner.
    This woman was of short stature, strongly built rather plump and with an impressive kills of hair on your head. I was introduced to her quickly, so that didn’t fix in the name she said to me. I don’t got the attention of any way. At that time all my looks were absorbed by the hostess, a female. Attractive and nice to no more power. A native empathy made us talk and laugh out loud for anything. When we were headed back to the boot, I took an instant in which happened by my side calling Ivan with the gift, to tell you not to tell you that that old bum, or had silver.
    Stunned by the surprise didn’t know what to answer, but his laughter unstoppable and her look accomplice I revealed his admiration. I didn’t see her again, but even today, I feel a tremor to remember her by. What simplicity and beauty those! When the vehicle left, next to me was sitting the little woman. Its Black pupils were very bright and the whole of its appearance gave off a mature poise. The neutrality of its factions, which were not unpleasant, coupled with the seriousness that Lucia, seemed to be talking about your decision to keep me at arm’s length. Ivan returned to introduce her to me and you tell me that it was also part of the thematic committee. At that time I found out that that’s what I was going to the caguán.

    It was a surprise. No one said anything to me when I was dispatched in the south of Bolivar. Ivan caught my alarm. It was obvious that we were going to become public figures, on the side of the insurgency. The consequences would be irreversible. Ivan laughed at my reservations. Things were very important for the future of the country and of our organization, any risk would be worth it. To calm me down, gave me a shot of Brandy. Told me to find a bottle that was wearing a time after the bama splats of the chair. He didn’t want to drink, claimed his status as a driver. Mariana Yes, and yurley too. During the tour we are a couple of more times.
    Days later, when he started seriously our work and we had to move us daily to the headquarters of the dialogues in the pits, where we went back into the night, Ivan chose us to Mariana and me to always be in your boot. Two vans hilux stakes were used for the transport of the other members of the commission theme and our body guard. The Guided Byron and Fidel, of the eastern bloc. Caribbean arrived sunday biojó and Julian Conrad. Pedro Aldana was already there on behalf of the block of the Magdalena Medio, where I also had sent to me. Felipe corner came from urabá, the block José María Cordoba. Only thing missing is the fat calarcá, representing the international commission, whose appearance would take several weeks.

    Mariana came from the front Antonio Nariño and therefore was also a share of the eastern bloc. With a particularity that I jump at first sight. Its status as a woman. The Press would identify very soon, as the only female member of the thematic committee of the farc, and the only woman who represented the farc in all the team of the dialogues. Almost immediately, all, in the confidence born of daily work, the call laughingly one, the only thing that made her laugh loudly. Because that was the first feature highlighting in it, a joy unstoppable, a unique sense of humor to that it was only able to overcome a painful story, of content deeply human, that also lacerara its huge social sensitivity, his love for the people Poor and humble.
    The friendship
    Travel Daily in the morning and in the evening, always sitting next to each other, we compelían to talk permanently. Very fast I noticed the acute intelligence of Mariana, of his longtime reasoning might be. Nothing is beyond their mature thoughts, I was always a logical explanation for all things. Ivan used to put music to good volume, usually of political and social content, but also liked the good sauce. It’s allowed us to Mariana and me to address any issue with the confidence of not being heard. We should identify natural for our transgressions, because very soon we became good friends. We always had to flower of lips a delicious item to share.
    With honesty, I must admit that except his mental flight, none of her feminine qualities did it absurd. As a woman, I was completely indifferent, light years away from my preferences. Maybe because of that he was born in a deep friendship between us. Unlike other flooded with the more worldly purposes, I took care of your thoughts higher. I don’t remember to have thrown her a compliment, not even for courtesy. Rather, knowing me, I should have taken the trust between us to joke with her about his short stature, his gray hairs early and his buxom figure.
    Soon began our confidences. The first one that made me is linked to the love that professed by the two women that surrounded his life. His mother, an old fighter of the communist party, suffered and chased from his childhood and youth peasant girl, and her daughter, a small little girl who lived with grandma in the city. The first felt proud. It was without a doubt his alter ego, your heroin and paradigm. The second was worried, especially for its ideological training. I was afraid that it will stop absorbed by the mentality of the consumer society. I wanted that, whatever the direction to take in life, he was guided by the spirit of the critical social and political reality.
    I, too, I opened my soul without prejudices, as I’ve never done that with anyone. My loneliness, frustration, dreams and fears, all my demons were abandoning his hiding place to turn into words that she listened with face touched and commented after with unique perspective. I never heard a reproach, it was clear that in all situations was looking for the motivations that had come to produce them. If anything, it was difficult to accept, in empecinaba check her background, for, if it was the case, learn something new in the understanding of things. He didn’t condemn a priori.
    Your world
    For her I learned more from the world of the communists. I must warn you that I was never a member of the party or in his youth. That made me different to the other members of the thematic committee our. And a good part of the tables of the farc, that once passed through those militancias. I ended up in ranks more good for my enthusiasm with the patriotic Union, the proposal that was born when the dialogues with belisario betancur. I didn’t die killed, as were falling all over the leaders and activists of the new political movement. I took the decision after a revealing interview with Jaime Pardo Leal at the headquarters of the up in bogotá. I searched the guerrilla rows to preserve life and to continue my fight for a few ideas.

    At least for the handful more specific of communists of other times, the passage to the farc was sort of a degree, a promotion in your commitment, a logical evolution of his revolutionary activity in Colombia. The mystical antimperialista of Che Guevara and Camilo Torres taught that the maximum step achieved by a human being was being a guerrilla. If that’s what you added the persecution and the crime, the prison and torture by the authorities, it was not unreasonable to assume the leap to the armed struggle as a moral imperative. If some of that has changed today, it can be by the side of the temple, the caliber of the youth organized. The situation of official violence remains the same, or worse.

    For Mariana I learned to look in more detail in the songs of Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanese, Luis Eduardo Aute, liuva Maria Hevia, Mercedes Sosa and all those interpreters classic of the protest song. She knew very well their stories, the details of their lives in the arts, in the stories that surround the recording of many of their songs. The same happened with poetry revolutionary. I loved Miguel Hernandez and the epic and lyric that rondo the Spanish Civil War, he revered neruda and Cesar Vallejo, to the Colombian Luis Vidales, to all the rebel intelligentsia of Latin America.

    It moved with property in the world of the Colombian left, always a day in related to loyalties and defections in the trade union movement and popular. Despite its long-standing relationship with all of them, kept very well installed his pole to earth, without getting tangled up in theoretical discussions presumptuous. It was clear that his tenure of many years in the underground network of farc in bogotá, he had been allowed to grow up and turn it into a table. I had studied food engineering at the University Inca of Colombia and worked in a bank for several years, which had been granted by the ease of moving as fish in the water in the student environments and working life.

    Quality that would become essential for the task of public relations that we had in the thematic committee. It was so unprepared and open in his conversation with the people who came from all parts of the country to the wells, in search of the farc, that in less than a minute she won the heart of anyone. I think his main virtue resided in its privileged ability to listen, to make people feel that it could speak with full confidence and with the security of that words do not fall into the void. She was a woman of the Russian people, who had grown up among the struggles for getting to a place and then to a decent neighborhood in the heart of Bogota, I knew instantly understand the suffering of the poor, as well as share their pain with sincere intensity.
    His presence
    Wasn’t big on the blond or elegant, or to be some kind of landslide brunette. Don’t. She was tiny and thick, with the appearance of the normal 37-Year-old woman who had by then. He was wearing his uniform daily military green, his black boots, his cap visor, their findings and carried in your hand, or hanging from his shoulder a rifle light r 15. The exact representation of the Colombian people in weapons, the Colombia popular and rebel That unassuming nor arrogance was presented before the power with a friendly smile.

    Their hair short, and blacks, but copiously abundant, gave his head a unique aspect, such as the mafalda of quino. In fact I ever confessed that in his teenage years many of his friends they like that. And I remember his gray hairs are esmeraban by multiply too quickly, which had to be wearing black dye with repeated frequently.
    That the bummed to take the resolution of your grey hairs without complexes, which apparently wasn’t good for the cameras, in accordance with the opinion of the periodistadiana calderón, host of the public hearings, who returned to convince her to dye her Hair and helped him even to do so. Diana really knew of it. I remember that whenever he had hearings I used to get between the first, in order to devote himself to a long session of makeup that I let her into the diva who watched the show. I always thought it was a person very modest. Until one day I claimed with something of offended dignity, why my silence about her in the bulletins that I wrote after each hearing.

    Despite his remarkable professionalism, and demand for its hard with the team in charge of the transmissions, I used to take with us a deal so simple, warm and human, that spare me move ask their pensamientoscomoestrella of snail. Their role is to lead the flow of opinion against us, in exchange for a pay much higher than that he should receive in an almost marginalized official channel. I’m not saying she was sympathetic or friend of ours, but I do believe that it could be characterized by its equanimity, for its dispassionate way of observing the internal conflict. Any time you could not attend personally, admitted as his replacement to Javier Darío Restrepo Stakeholdersthat, recommending the responsibility in their criteria. Money and change everything?
    Marianita knew laughing, with grace and without evil, even to say no, when something was unacceptable. Have you ever told me that doing a cross by the cold sumapaz páramo in the company of a number of guerrillas, one of them, pretty nice and smart, he proposed that they slept together that night. She couldn’t see in him nothing more than a partner of struggle and this is how I expressed amicably, but the boy will not give up and kept insisting, using such samples of wit that she made him drop loud laughter. Despite the grace that he produced, none of his tricks managed to convince her. In contrast, so much to see you laugh, the boy ended up retiring enraged.
    His heart
    On occasion, in their times of urban conspirator, before one of those killer blows who ran with the secret police of the capital its current National Director Oscar Naranjo, was forced to take shelter for two months in a safe house. Several of his companions had been captured and executed by the brutal way sijin. The hours that went on in his hiding place appeared to her eternal. In the family that took her there was a boy of seventeen years that didn’t take long to fall in love with her. The Case was that even though she’s already brushed the thirties, she ended up in a surprising affair with him. They did always in stealth mode, to avoid a scandal, but fell in love with true madness.

    When he received the order to move in, had no other choice but to arm themselves of the value that you imposed their condition and situation. Took leave of him, making enormous efforts to overcome the slightest shred of his big regret, smiling like always. The boy lacked the necessary strength to proceed the same way. At the time of hug her is in a cry desgajó uncontainable, in their sorrow testimoniode teenager for the love that I lost. Mariana still rocked by telling me the way I had seen you cry, at the same time that rip the promise to never forget it.
    Your sad story, and her look lost in the distance, I revealed that he was granting the commitment.
    I understand that several years after the boy was admitted to the farc and died early. I would like to believe that they are together again, somewhere in the universe.
    His ideas
    In political issues gave no never to twist my arm. I was completely convinced of the justice of the cause and the revolutionary armed struggle to rid the farc. And though with great courtesy discuss the matter with someone, wouldn’t budge an inch in their conceptions. I remember in particular its discussion with the caw of a feminist movement that led several hundreds of women to an audience with the farc in the seat of the wells. It was a private meeting, funded by a conglomerate of Ngos that are specialized in the subject. Its main slogan was the full equality of women in all areas of society.

    That way, the main task is arrogaban was to raise awareness among women of all the spaces for mobilizing to demand their right in the middle of the charges. And its specific purpose in this case was none other than motivate and lead to the lifting of the farc guerrilla against his secretariat masculine. Women leaders required with lots of energy, that they were allowed to meet with all the women, guerrilla in the various fronts and units, to promote their idea. If really the farc were the democratic organization that we said be, did not see any disadvantage for that and we support this.

    In Honor of the truth, I must admit that for the official representatives of the multitude of women who had arrived in buses from the most amazing places of Colombia, figuration of Mariana in the caguán constituted a fact of singular importance. It was one of them, a woman who occupies an important place in a difficult stage of Colombian reality. So I expressed without hesitation, even if it doesn’t identify with your fight and more like the urge to head the fight about multiply the female influence to the interior of the farc. In the evening of that Saturday Mariana stood at the podium, compared to all delegations, willing to meet their requirements. Immediately fueasediada by dozens of questions formulated by the visitors located in the same room that we were using for pubic hearings.

    I pleasantly surprised your security and accuracy in the answers. One at a time flowed like wine with the precision of a dictionary, words loaded to clarify and explain all the concerns. There explained why I couldn’t ask for that half of the National Secretariat was composed by women, starting because there was no rule that I said that I had to be men. It was a question relating to the military and political nature of the organization. The Farc were a movement in war, in ongoing struggle with regular troops trained and aggressive, the address of the operations had to be in the hands more experienced. There were women occupy positions of responsibility in commands of companies, columns and fronts, making the experience. Without a doubt that you would someday be able to reach the highest levels. But that wasn’t the fight here.
    The same reason could explain why the guerrilla could not have children. Bombing and fighting were not the space to pregnant women or children newborns. Quite simply, to enter, the members of the farc took the responsible decision to renounce the maternity ward. With the same approach is assumed here cases of accidental pregnancy. If some inalienable right were women, was the deciding on the desirability of motherhood. Nothing more inhuman than imposing an absolute obligation to give birth.

    With sprezzatura absolute mariana faced the sea of questions, biased many of them, being notorious after each answer the admiration growing that woke up between that public so varied of Colombian Women.
    Almost three hours later, at the end of the long interview, was the subject of live lit, applause, hugs and kisses excited. It was evident that had managed to win them, despite some resistance expressed with dissimulation by the organizers of the event. Maybe the last thing I could appeal to these was the exposure of Mariana on the impropriety of raising as the first flag of a popular organization of women, the confrontation against men as the main cause of their discrimination.
    The female segregation was the product of a historic process linked to the division of society in social classes, and I was favored by the interests of the capitalist exploitation in modern times. Nothing envilecía and degraded to both the woman, as the society of the market that turned them into dolls at the exclusive service of consumption, which reduced the femininity to gender and promoted the idea of the plastic model as social paradigm. The media were taught that nothing was more important than a smooth skin, a butt carefully molded and some breast round, deleting the collective mind of social inequality, the wickedness of the holders of power, the widespread use other people’s work, the miserable female exploitation And childish today.

    The ruling classes were composed of women and men concluded to squeeze the women and the men of the working people. Women were the first lady of the nation, several ministers, important and great public servants, owners of shares and land. That in nothing favored the situation of the large mass that was living in deplorable conditions. Women and men of the village should join, organize and fight. Just mobilizing for breaking the chains of the exploitation and injustice could conquer women its true freedom and equality, there was not to be confused. Many speeches that were intended to promote their rights, in reality, they were driving them away from the real roads of acknowledgement.

    Later, in private, Mariana would confess that I refrained from rebut, out of respect for that social sector, the thesis by a fiery leader, about how one of the most urgent conquests that should claim the woman, I was their right to choose the option Her sexual come in wins. For Mariana that was not a flag of the women’s movement, it was the flag of the movement of lesbian, respectable in yes as any human group subject to discrimination, but I couldn’t take the women’s organization to catapult their interests. I would never stop seem bizarre that a feminist movement claim, as a general law, the inclination of some of its members to hate men.
    The realization of the woman should occur as a woman, in its contradictory and eternal relationship with men, on the stage of unequal society of classes, which should be urgently transformed by unfair and discriminatory. It was the synthesis of their way of seeing things that defended in all the spaces.
    The Thematic Committee
    In that process of talks, never ceased controvert with members of the thematic committee representing the government. Saw in Mauritius Cárdenas the materialization of the spirit of superiority that animates the privileged caste of Colombia. It was clear that for him it was an outrageous obligation to have to discuss any subject with us. The fun the permanent remedy of Juan Ricardo Ortega to statistics about all sorts of subjects, which always quoting from memory.
    Instead, he loved to talk with David Manzur, a real artistic spirit, who, by the same claimed their independence without fear. It was representative in the thematic committee of the sector of art and culture and not an official delegate, stated with dignity. It belonged to the cultural group that orbited the former president belisario betancur, with whom bound him strong bonds of friendship. Oblivious to any kind of complication, without the extravagance of the famous painters, always seemed pleased to have discovered as human reality. Maybe it was the only one who ever saw in us to other fellow deserving respect. I used to compare ourselves with the music of the Austrian Composer Gustav Mahler, to the point of having presented to Ivan Rivers with a complete collection of his albums.
    On several occasions thateradicating came to us that we were the embodiment of the ordeal of San Sebastian that so many times had painted in his life. One day I said that I would have liked to know the jungle, at the end of the day was with us in a large and beautiful headquarters located in the upper part of a farm, which I don’t give him a complete picture of how we were. With Mariana and some other cluster of the government, we walked for about three hundred feet back from the wells, up to the edge of a vast mountain court, which extended to the distance. We take in about ten metres in her, so that the painter could feel under the thick layer of trees and bushes. Then we came back to the office, listening to him talk with satisfaction for what he had seen. No offense to manzur, whom we wanted, really, I think that portrays the vision of a lot of people in Colombia on the reality of the country and us.

    How enjoyed mariana with all that. She was the soul of our activity, the tireless ant that ever was running out of work for things to turn out well for us. She’d lie on their shoulders the burden of preparing the public hearings, which involved make and receive hundreds of phone calls and emails from all over the country. Compiling Lists of participants and until he was a friend of all of them. That’s why, when they are the buses full of passengers from different departments, it used to be that the download of the vehicles the first thing he asked was if they could say hi to the roommate Mariana Páez. There was no need to look for her, I was there, estrechándoles hand, abrazándolos, helping them to hunker down and solving their most pressing problems.
    Rate of front
    But the caguán happened, how it ends all I some day starts. We knew from who resigned victor g. Ricardo to go to London.
    Something had changed in the initial spirit that motivated the dialogues. The New Commissioner, Camilo Gomez, gave off a different sort of mood since its single look. Some of us commented that his arrival meant much more than a normal relay in the official address of the peace talks. The facts they would give us the reason, on the whole thing was getting complicated. It would only be a matter of time, the wait of the pretext more convenient for a breakup. Before the end of the year 2001 a good part of the team of the thematic committee had already been located in different responsibilities to the wait of what could happen. My wife and kid talks. Mariana left for the station of the eastern bloc. Other we leave to perform tasks in different places.
    Almost a year later, in March for the summits of the East Ridge, I stayed a few days in the voice of the resistance, the radio station in whose address I worked Mariana. Guerrilla in life one is accustomed to hard conditions, it is usual for long periods. It is there that the living. The temperature was supremely low, and the cold that quieted the bones added, the rain and the thick fog that the greater part of the day and night I covered everything. The floor of the camp was mired by complete and to walk from one place to another the boots sank up to half in the mud. But impressed the human warmth of that team. I was a company, half dedicated to the work of journalism, and the other to security. Mariana was part of the first.

    I had to get up before the four to listen to the news on the radio, to prepare the presentation of the news and work in the writing of the publishers and the construction of the different programs that it picked up on the basis of the five, time that began the transmissions . In reality it was a joint effort that met a bunch of guerrillas. They worked with several large plants, capable of delivering the energy required. The date of the gasoline until that steep mountain was quite a feat that met other boys on a daily basis from several hours of way with the timbos of five gallons tied to the back. So I had to get everything up, from the food to the Cds, passing by a sheet of paper or a pen. And in absolute secrecy.

    No doubt that the spirit unyielding of work that possessed Mariana helped greatly to the maintenance of the morale of the combatants assigned to this mission. In such situations, even the slightest complaint can become a problem. The controls have to assume an exemplary attitude, always appear as the most optimistic. That can’t be faked, the size of the difficulties he would lead to the collapse. In the middle of the more than a dozen coffees that were taken in the study day, always sounded enthusiastic the laughter of Mariana, incorporating the harsh routines a valuable dose of joy. Even the presence of the troops broke that state of mind.
    I saw it with my own eyes. The two days of our arrival, there was the information about the movements of an enemy patrol towards the area where we were. Immediately the unit was transformed into a sort of anthill in feverish activity. We had to pick up and move to another edge higher and distant, shifting the burden to carry through the icy maze. That day was canceled the programming in progress. The next day, from the new place, with almost all happening on the fly, it returned to be on the air. At the time that he created the conditions to be placed with any comfort there, a guerrilla ready to engage in combat came to meet the army. If this was meant to get to the station, I’d have to make it to a high price. This was the situation when we left.
    With Real regret for Mariana, for whom our visit had meaning an injection of unexpected company and sweet memories. In forward always saw her for short periods in which by chance our activities were consistent. The Picture in my mind marching in the middle of the jungles of the yarí in times of the plan patriot.
    I was walking with his suitcase to the back and his rifle on guard, bathed in sweat, overcoming the difficulties of the way with tireless persistence, making me think that it was really superior to me, which progressed with great effort, exhausted to the extreme and eager to rest The slightest chance. Out of sheer courage I refused to accept his offer to help me with the gun.
    Oh, loves
    By Fidelity to his image, I couldn’t refuse to talk about our accident loves. Sometimes I think I never ended up, but maybe that idea is nothing more than a dreamer consolation against overwhelming truths. What I do I dare to say is that my relationship with her corroborated what that loves falsified, impossible, are the most profound. To begin, I must say that ever existed formally, neither I nor she never recognize ’em in public. And for those who are close to us ended up find out about it, in any way affected or were affected by its existence, as if the single story of them would lead to the most rugged consequences.
    During those early days of the caguán, when our friendship were becoming endearing, one night I found her severely depressed. I always coming to caleta and talk to a good time with her before I retire to bed to mine. Confided in me that it had received a news painful. Someone, that I could not identify with accuracy, had talked that day in the wells with her about their former clandestine activities in bogotá. And he had revealed something disconcerting and terrible. That night I found out that during their tasks of urban guerrilla, had engaged in an intense affair with a partner of struggles, whom I called the skinny. She had loved him with all your soul, as anyone ever again. Until the morning that came out of his house, never to return again.
    There hasn’t been able to find out what had happened to him. The conclusion to the one who came in the direction of the network was the most obvious. Should have captured and disappeared, as they used to do this army and police. That the shattered completely. Maybe what a cruel end had waited to your skinny. In any case had passed several years of that. At the bottom of his heart had turned him into a hero. And until he was inspired in difficult times. The person with whom he spoke that day, which came from bogota and knew property with a large part of the activities of the farc in the city, he had secured, convincingly and unique, that the skinny had not been dead, but that had been Defected from the organization. Betrayed them.
    I realize how much that affected it. He is falling apart a certainty that had become a myth for his life. Apart from that I still loved him and suffered for his absence. For someone who works so can only feel contempt, and having to give so sudden turn to his feelings to torment her. He felt cheated and ridiculous. I couldn’t find what to tell you, even if i tried to show me what more understanding and solidarity. Don’t have hurt her even more with my words, like maybe you would have done another person, she must have been a greater affection towards me.
    A few days almost happens the reverse case, even though my experience couldn’t reach the dimension of yours. A nice guerrilla who had initiated loves a few days of my arrival, gave me all of a sudden an unexpected kick that left me blinking and wondering what could be wrong. Until that time I was not aware I of the size of my infatuation, but once fired for no apparent cause, my heart cried in secret by the loss. Apart from the fact that my self-love was considered to be trampled. Fortunately, I was counting on the friendship of Mariana to vent my spite. One of those moments in which nothing is better than a good friend.
    After trust each other with loyalty my trauma, we stayed up late talking, accompanied by an average of schnapps nectar to Fidel, I got the box presented by Andrés González, the governor of cundinamarca that on the side of the government integrated the thematic committee. Every who seeks to make friends. A night of partying, this liberal politician and neoliberal third way, played the theunion, one of his favorite songs, in chorus with Lucas Iguarán, singer-songwriter fariano, the two accompanied by the orchestra the rebels, the block south of the farc.

    Those were the good old days of integration between official spokesmen and us. Some commentators gave him hard for that when the press found out of the case. But Andrés González, as always, they knew how to right and win again.
    The matter was that night I went to sleep to my caleta later than usual, later to become one with Mariana in an unexpected kiss, which transformed immediately in a fire, that we were only able to turn off with the effort of our unanimous Naked bodies. Pretty baffled after that fight, we conclude that we could not to ruin our friendship over the pettiness that sooner rather than later all love imposes and claims. We weren’t going to promise us that it would not be repeated, silly in addition since we both were delighted. But yeah we sealed the covenant not to let these encounters turbaran in a bit on the quiet of our inclinations and destinations. Each one would still be doing whatever I wanted.
    We wouldn’t be never boyfriends, nor lovers, just close friends, a category that was presented to us new and which would enable us to remain free. The Seal that deal ignorant that love will not settle for ever in its limits, the breaks and moves forward or back up and dies, without wishing to rebel-army exact mathematical formula and reasonable. Although after we learned that a selfless love and oblivious to the selfishness can dig deeper into the soul than any other, also we would discover that usually end up becoming a much higher price to those who dare to try.
    We lived as if no one knew, behaving however so particular, that the whole world how he felt and swore. Somehow the gallery I fell back incredulous when she or I refused. In the same manner that seemed to dig with his feet on the floor, when grunted by to see me in the arms of another woman who doesn’t hid her passion for me, watching Mariana treat it with sincere and especialcariño.
    We had to do so more than efficient. I was going to specialize in the writing of documents, papers, articles for the Internet that any press sometimes published as printed, newsletters on the hearings, collaborations for the magazine resistance.
    A time when that begins with fruitful morning meetings, correspondence over the Internet and telephone calls, and then continued with interviews with people from all over the country, meetings of political organization and displacement to San Vicente or various guerrilla camps with varied purposes. After the public hearings, as soon as the people of the tv picked up their equipment and was leaving to the airport, it was beginning to the party, to the rumba of the people and the guerrillas.
    Never prepare that. But it was enough that it happened once, to turn into a real cultural practice. It started after the public hearing with the sector of the negritudes. Black communities of the pacific and the Atlantic Ocean in the Andes and the plains, of the most ignored corners extracted their baggage their instruments of percussion and wind, and took care of starting a spontaneous celebration and explosive that in a few minutes became a carnival Of joy. Even when the buses that had brought to the public, began his return to the places of origin, to that of the two of the night, the stage of the hearings was transformed into a collective madness of dances. Was always in the future, as if the news of that first celebration had come to all parties and promised to be repeated each time.
    The theme of the commission, responsible for the subject of the hearings, that we meant an opportunity of relating and enviable into confidence with quantities of people. Some would be cops or military intelligence, I don’t descartábamos, although we understood it as inevitable. The truth was that when the participants were based on return, them and us we were experiencing a vacuum in the soul, in those hours had been created real bonds of affection that I am sure many kept alive yet. I think that’s the real reason why the Colombian State has forbidden stupidly that there can be no areas of clear in the case of dialogues. In the same way that mutual discovery and the approach that was between the masses and the farc, I had to to alarm the establishment and rush it to a breakup before that he grew up.
    The purpose of this material prevents me to dwell in situations and stories that in addition to curious were filled with feeling. Extraordinary people who deserve the written record of their actions and words, anecdotes and sobering experience full of humanity that left an indelible imprint on our souls. The long and sobering conversations with Simon Trinidad, who always tried to Mariana with enormous outpouring, joy overflowing with his lucero and the magnificent beauty of that little girl that you ever had the two and that would perish years later, on the side of his mother, in A brutal bombing. The piercing intelligence of Sara, the beauty and sweetness of my unforgettable Tania, the provision of Brigitte, infinite tenderness and the warmth of the black maritza.
    To my great regret, the war ended by alienating Mariana of my movements, although it won’t be the same with my heart. Had to go on with life. Another woman, the black, he would come to fill the spaces that she objected to claim as its exclusive domain. Every time I saw her less. Of Auction, when by chance we agreed some place, the alarms of my clever fellow, on to the red, prevented me to get close to her as I dreamed.
    Maybe not as lovers, who never officially had been, but as sincere friends, like a couple of brothers who would never love each other. Those encounters I were in the storm. Especially because Mariana played them like a door slamming in the face, an unforgivable ingratitude of my party, a gesture of cowardice unthinkable in me before.
    I do follow me torturing those ideas if it weren’t for our last meeting. Many months ago had reached my hands an envelope that I was surprised to open it. It contained a letter from Mariana that began with this phrase creepy: I burned your letters… On shipped with the complaints and reproaches which never made me in person, confirming everything I was afraid of me to think of me. Even though I felt so bad, I had the noble gesture to acknowledge that I deserved maybe all that and more. A little after the half of 2007, in a move that made by the Las Vegas of the river with the destination guayabero papamene, I had to stay to spend the night in the company mobile of combat that commanded Liliana. My surprise was big when I bumped into Mariana.
    I was in the rancha, waiting to boil a cup of coffee that I expected to be taken. It was always a fan of the red wine, I was bitter and very loaded, thing that I could never do it myself. We welcome and we talk as if it never happened anything. Despite that I could feel a shadow stood between us.
    After the bath, to invite the black to go to his caleta to converse with her. With her, though this was not possible that Mariana and I to address any issue related directly with us, it was at least a desperate appeal to be able to visit her, talk with her, to hear about his life and his sorrows. After all, with the black knew each other from many years ago and could also to discuss at length. This happened in effect. The conditions of public order were extremely difficult. There was a lot of army to the surroundings and aviation already had become a real danger.
    That’s why I almost don’t we lit lights during those three hours. However, I had the opportunity to know what he wanted. I had several months of being in that unit, contributing in part ideological, political and cultural. Enjoyed remarkable respect and they wanted a lot. Liliana Esmeraba is helping her to feel good, and, in fact, I was quite warm.
    After saying goodbye, at the time of turning off the lights to go outside the tent of his home, to pass by your side, I stretched out my hand and I posed on his head. I wouldn’t last more than a couple of seconds, but I felt like a father that ended up with his daughter, my dear. A warm and pleasant that went from his scalp to my arm he went all over my body. We wish you good night and we leave for our bedroom. I left my chronic printed on the war in cundinamarca, he read that night under the flashlight with Passion Absorbent.
    In the next morning we had to get things ready for departure. At a certain point in time when the black woman is occupied in something, I slipped up to where it was Mariana to say goodbye to her alone. Was in the company of another girl, so I had no other choice but to rehearse a formal tone of farewell. She looked for a second to the other girl, like asking him to leave us alone. Then he turned and he made me a compliment for the chronicle. I was sincerely touched. As before, re-adopted excited a letter of mine.
    Right away he mumbled in tone difficult that I wanted to tell me something. To encourage her to continue, proceeded to apologize to me for the letter that I had written. I noticed your aprietoporhallar arguments to support the allegation. Did I interrupt you, answering to him not to worry about anything, I had no idea of what letter she spoke to me, I’ve never received. Her smile of happiness was huge and Linda. As always, I understood everything. We got a big hug, a double kiss on the cheeks and wish us luck. I walked out of there with the heart in your hand.
    Months later I went back to meet Liliana and for her I found out that Mariana had received the order to be submitted to the general staff of the block, where it had been dispatched to the front antonio nariño again. I commented that he had hurt a lot from his unit, which had been fired crying and very sad. Maybe she felt his tragic end.
    His unit was assaulted on the moor, on my way to the leaking roof of bogotá, and virtually wiped out. It happened three years ago. The fact was national news. And was proud to the extreme to their authors. Nanny got a shot in his head. By some survivors met how the army shot a high number of guerrillas who captured defeated. That’s his style of war. And the cause of more war.
    Mariana perished marching towards the capital of the country. Educating a muchachada new addition to the fight. I imagine her wielding his rifle when sounded the first shots. I have been told, the attack started precisely for the area where they were she and the new. None of us can say what really happened. I understand that in the midst of confusion, nobody knew what happened to her. It is likely that they would have captured alive and executed later. The way, there was the news suggests that. I had gone to stop there for a sum of strange coincidences. His departure left us a huge political vacuum, intellectual and moral. Also in the soul, particularly to me.
    My tribute
    Soon there will be the celebration of the international day of women. We’ll see the keynote speakers of television receiving the bouquets of flowers they give them their companions, and we’ll hear the cheers loving that the announcers of radio will do to their partners. Shall be carried out various acts and tributes to the woman for being the most beautiful object of creation.
    But it wasn’t that the intention with which was introduced this date. The Memorial was established to worship according to the working woman and revolutionary, to the woman who gives life for the cause of justice and against exploitation. How they died those workers from New York whose memory it is recalled. We heard on the radio, the news of the death of the black Yesenia, Commander of the eln in the south of Bolivar. By heroines like her, like Mariana Páez and Lucero Palm Tree, is enshrined that recognition to the woman in the whole world.
    I’ve written this chronicle because I couldn’t load more with the weight of an ethical obligation whose satisfaction claimed me eagerly the conscience and a number of colleagues who revere the figure of Mariana. If I caught it too with a personal approach, it was only because my insides are refusing to refer cold and impartial, the memory and the sense of humanity, which meant the saga of Mariana since her childhood until its fall in battle.
    It won’t be with those who would say that his death was once again demonstrates the futility of our struggle and the eternal nature of the system and the existing regime. Those people don’t understand anything, are born, grow, and die without ever having been shaken by the cry hungry of millions of children in the world. Other yes suffer it, to the point that we are the life struggling to extinguish it. Mariana is a wonderful example of that.
    Give up that is why this personal tribute to his memory. Until the victory always, Nana.


    I find it excellent we need to change the course to this country, it is time that the people assume responsibilities with the seizure of power, count me in compass pa whatever it is. The struggle goes on until the victory always we shall overcome, no more narco para oligarquia in power., We have to renew this evil called Congress, Council, jal, President of the Republic, attorney, registry, Comptroller, prosecutor’s office etc nests of rats the people we are more, we have to start from the neighborhoods to raise awareness to the village, there we are, that’s the compass Task.

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    Outrageous the aprista romulus lion is innocent, according to the brothel of justice in Peru the judiciary, in order not to believe it, acquit all in the Peru Oil Scandal!!
    Bravo and applause judiciary rotten, thank you Peruvian justice once again show us what in this country stands for justice so shameless and outlandish putrefactada this sewage system of the oligarchy!!
    When the entire Peruvian society believed that the failed the tribunal against the presidential aspirant july guzmán was the news of today, 16 February 2016, the news came that unworthy to the whole country, yeah something that really is unspeakable, Inadmissible, the third criminal division responsible for payment of the judiciary I just pass sentence on the rung peru oil scandal and clean of dust and straw to these rats is there to say it like that with all their lyrics because it really is outrageous, Rómulo León, Daniel Saba, and Caesar gutierres, claiming that they did not commit a crime in the case of discover petroleum, claiming that it is not the offences of trading in influence, passive bribery or in such a way that this rat was not complicit primary for crimes against the public administration, in conclusion I have to say that For this state rotten these 3 rats were meek popcorn of peace!!
    I would like to say from my noble jurisdiction full heat and full mosquitoes suck blood, to be able to say when justice is corrupt and is not in the service of a fair administration of justice, is transformed into a flamboyant and invertebrate, because it’s not in the service of the most Of Peruvians, but to protect a corrupt collusion in all that dirt of the areas of the power of this system that nauseous, it’s a shame that the elections 2016 is now playing under the tablecloth from the table, where are the roaches Ticks and want to continue sucking the blood of all peruvians, the improper and immoral of this system are mobsters alanistas, fujiratas, toledistas, pepekausas and finally ratacuña the who calls himself a silver as court who buy the consciences of the youth and deluded fools Because they are called the different races, a total embarrassment to the great poet Universal Master (Cesar Vallejo)
    Great day Tuesday to all the good friends and to all the fellow countrymen who are in the outside many forces of will always with low profile, hard and above all with great humility, I’m always going to argue that there are people from the bad milk when you are quiet Are true poets and others who are only aware when they sleep, luck and success forever hlvs, share, share!! This to the length and breadth of the homeland, if you unworthy all injustice are my brothers, cuz peru deep is of our ancestors, and that’s us my dear!!
    Jhoel Vera to.


    To vote for Keiko, it must meet a single requirement: to be stupid, so stupid for not realizing that the mafia are aimed at taking what little it has been after the robbery bigger perpetuated by the prisoner Alberto Fujimori, montesinos and cla., Familiar with criminal acts and have no dignity; also, very little capacity of analysis and contextual vision zero……….. These constituents, for watching TV. Are littered with garbage neo-Colonial ideas, with short memory, submissive to sell your vote for a plate of lentils full of lies, deceived by the executioner of turn.


    Fujiratas and alanistas anymore, because they are the noble of peace have in their personal accounts and loaded with their own consciences backpacks in the graveyards of the death of this nauseating neoliberalist and system to be able to say to all the youth of base 2 those who still believe That the continuity of nauseating, fujimorism alanismo, toledismo, humalismo, pepekasistas, indomitable acuñistas races in different races, they are going to change the country, not my dear youth ever, for those who lost their memory suffer from mental coefficient and also, for those who do not Are you interested in reading or to inquire into the dark past of the bloody dictatorship, equal to that bloody pyramid of the Peruvian state that it is a mud of shithole where are the nail the dirt and the microbe of judges, prosecutors and secretaries all there of long nails, your place Where Parásitan truth or a lie, is on the sale of the homeland and the corruption that govern these past 30 years, say in these elections 2016 a single vote to the former rulers who violated human rights against humanity, the cases Barrios Altos, disappeared in the district of Santa, etc, etc, etc, we can’t forget all these acts of criminology committed by the state terrorism and I say with all his letters, my countrymen, and the truth makes us free because the right hate it well And love the bad!!
    Excellent night from my noble constitutency of strong heat clásistas, many hugs to all my brothers to the length and breadth of our homeland, to my brothers of bagua when they get the housekeepers of this system wait for it in my arms, but to bury them, and To my compatriots in the outside always ahead with low profile hard and a lot of humility, strength of will be like the irons imquebrantables hlvs!!
    Jhoel Vera to.