Congo RDC We shall overcome comrade Mariana. Reply To: We shall overcome comrade Mariana.


Fujiratas and alanistas anymore, because they are the noble of peace have in their personal accounts and loaded with their own consciences backpacks in the graveyards of the death of this nauseating neoliberalist and system to be able to say to all the youth of base 2 those who still believe That the continuity of nauseating, fujimorism alanismo, toledismo, humalismo, pepekasistas, indomitable acuñistas races in different races, they are going to change the country, not my dear youth ever, for those who lost their memory suffer from mental coefficient and also, for those who do not Are you interested in reading or to inquire into the dark past of the bloody dictatorship, equal to that bloody pyramid of the Peruvian state that it is a mud of shithole where are the nail the dirt and the microbe of judges, prosecutors and secretaries all there of long nails, your place Where Parásitan truth or a lie, is on the sale of the homeland and the corruption that govern these past 30 years, say in these elections 2016 a single vote to the former rulers who violated human rights against humanity, the cases Barrios Altos, disappeared in the district of Santa, etc, etc, etc, we can’t forget all these acts of criminology committed by the state terrorism and I say with all his letters, my countrymen, and the truth makes us free because the right hate it well And love the bad!!
Excellent night from my noble constitutency of strong heat clásistas, many hugs to all my brothers to the length and breadth of our homeland, to my brothers of bagua when they get the housekeepers of this system wait for it in my arms, but to bury them, and To my compatriots in the outside always ahead with low profile hard and a lot of humility, strength of will be like the irons imquebrantables hlvs!!
Jhoel Vera to.