Congo RDC We shall overcome comrade Mariana.

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    The Guerrilla War is the nightmare of the bourgeois, oligarchs and capitalists because they know that the vast majority of the people; the poor, take revolutionary consciousness and up she rises with the rifle to oppose violence just to the unjust violence is like that of the volcano lava That is on a rampage and lay waste with this fossilized regime that does not bring more than so much hunger, poverty, exploitation, oppression of the poor people.


    The Soldiers of the oligarchy are poor; but they are poor pointing their guns at his class traicionandola in defence of the interests of the oppressors that even to himself he has oppressed, to all those soldiers in the service of the bourgeois revolutionaries; what we tell them Is it worth it to die in defence of the interests of the rich, in defence to the rich keep holding this outdated regime and criminal.


    The Paraguayan people’s Army-EPP. It’s the armed wing of the poor people who survive exploited and subjugated by the capitalist regime senile, rotten, etc and break together with the people the chains that afflict us and impede our freedom and our progress to a new social system; Socialism, communism .


    I’m a guerrilla fighter of the people’s army
    Natalia Narváez, compared with 19, block Martin Knight.
    At the age of 15 years I got into the ranks of the farc-EP. My desires of child was to be professional university and graduate in the career of medicine. Unfortunately, my parents weren’t the best economic resources and hardly studied until seventh grade of high school.
    We lived in a village called loma dry of the municipality of codazzi, Caesar. My parents of peasant origin they sowed Pope, mora and vegetables, also some poppy since this product had more trade and best price. In addition, the route and means of transport were precarious, which made it difficult to get any market square agricultural products they produced.
    Some day, my 17-Year-old sister and I decided to enter the guerrillas, since in civilian life what the future gave us was to work as domestic workers and other tasks that do not reward the sacrifice of any woman, on the contrary we Maintains humiliated and exploited.
    My reasons for joining the ranks were to see the misery that he lives in our village; the excessive exploitation of our natural resources; the abandonment by the state; the social inequality; the hit-and-the repression by the regime and the rulers of shift Elected with the votes of the people… There are countless injustices. That takes him to a to take up arms to defend ourselves against this system.
    In the region was presence the guerrillas. They were very appreciated by the population, because with their behavior they won the heart and the awareness of children, the elderly and young people. They invited me and I accept to go to fight.
    In The course of the revolutionary struggle I’ve lived some painful situations, such as the death of my father in March 2003, at the hands of troops from the high mountain battalion no. 7, installed in loma dry, perijá mountains, municipality Of codazzi, Caesar. He was killed infamously along with 4 other humble peasant farmers of the area, making them happen as guerrillas killed in combat low, in compliance with the macabre plan of state terrorism, baptized wickedly as false positives.
    In January of 2012, I had to face a new disgrace, the loss of my sister Stella, dead in a criminal bombing carried out by the air force on the sidewalk the flowers, Corregimiento Savannah Steer, municipality of the jagua de ibirico, Cesar. She was captured badly injured and still being alive was vilely topped. For this reason they never wanted to give you the body to my mother, they didn’t want to move his begging, nothing worth actions brought by the lawyers, she was buried as nn and until the day of today we do not know the whereabouts of his body.
    These are facts that mark forever our lives and in virtually every guerrilla there are similar stories. And yet the police of a state does not recognize that we are victims of the conflict, what more do you want?
    Are hard evidence that moved on thanks to our unwavering moral combative and I very much encouraged to feel the unconditional support of our masses, the people that want us and we collaborate in spite of all the adversities, that you see in us a hope of social change. That admiration of our friends and even those who have hardly had a chance to treat us, that’s the one that gives us strength to face this enemy cruel and bloodthirsty, who throws bombs without compassion to disappear from the map, forgetting that we are also daughters of the same people , sisters of policarpa and manuelita and that in our eyes shines the feeling of love to the people, the motherland.
    After almost 15 years of active militant, I am convinced that our cause is just. Here in the farc guerrilla the ep we prepare from day to day in all the fields: ideological, political, military and cultural, as well as in the skills that are necessary for the advancement of our process.
    They give us many opportunities, here there is no discrimination against women, we are not harassed or physically abused. We all have the same rights and duties, although sometimes can we consider a bit by the conditions of the fight. What if we never lack is the respect, the love, solidarity and mutual support of the entire collective.
    I am proud of the fight for peace with social justice. This will not be a pipe dream but a reality.
    Keep supporting us and organizing in all forms of struggle.
    So long, we shall overcome.


    ★☭★ ” I identify with communism, understanding by communism philosophy, economic and political theory who developed Marx, Engels, Lenin and all the classics ★ being a communist means to lead a life of militant, the fighter, think of a way Dialectical in everyday life, lead to the ultimate consequences communist militancy ” ★☭★