Congo RDC We shall overcome comrade Mariana. Reply To: We shall overcome comrade Mariana.


Unity and revolutionary struggle.
Where there’s oppression; there are seeds of freedom.
Where there is hunger; wealth; product of social work badly distributed.
Where there are landless farmer latifundio; there is no limit
Where there’s corporate media; of misrepresentation; there is ignorance; disgrace; illiteracy; domestication; there is potential for human dignity.
Where there is institutionalized violence; in Paraguay’s revolutionary response on the part of the people and their vanguard, the army of the paraguayan people. May 2016 be fruitful; combative and advance in terms dialectics. The Victory of the people and the insurgency forces revolutionary bloody on the hordes of reactionary advance as titanez. By the Latin American unity; and is in solidarity with the paraguayan guerrilla. That the reason revolutionary enlighten and will do away with the opportunism and reactionary ideas and sectarian that many organizations that call themselves revolutionary and progressive; collaborate with the reaction in their propaganda against the heroic insurgency of the revolutionary army of the paraguayan people epp.