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MARTIN VILLA: Driver guerrilla warfare

We were was a great revolutionary agrarian leader who gave his life to the service of the causes of the people, Comrade Martin Villa, who dedicated his entire life to the just struggle of humanity.

Knower of their homeland, their idiosyncrasies, geography, mountain ranges, rivers and tributaries, moorland, its parks, its forests, knew very well that was a country which accommodated all without distinction of any kind.

As a good farmer, he was lover and defender of wildlife. I knew that 11 percent of the national territory consists of beautiful parks but unassisted, that wealth was the heritage of Colombians and therefore would have to care for them.

But he also understood quite sufrió- -because the concentration of the best land in a few hands, which has forced farmers to open inhospitable territory for the sole purpose of sustaining their families and way seek safer areas to escape repression political, social and military. Knower as any of the details of the land, of every road, every pipe, every pica, each path of each element of nature in order to serve their safety and that of their peers.

born farmer, a good conversationalist and with full knowledge of all the causes that led to the armed uprising, spoke of the Thousand Days’ War and the Slaughter of the banana, but also recalled the death of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, the military coup of Rojas Pinilla and the most atrocious repressions have been known to vast agricultural regions.

Historian of our reality, memory recounted peasant resistance of El Pato, Riochiquito, Guayabero, Villarrica and Marquetalia. All these stories are narrated with “gory” with the smallest details: dates, times and even names.

Farmer and sawyer, used to say, if we had not chosen this kind of struggle, we would not be having these experiences. Related previous experiences with the present and future, very clear was the intensification of the doctrine of National Security and the theory of internal enemy, repression overwhelmed against agrarian leaders and those who think different from the existing power, neoliberal politics and foreign ownership of land.

So he called unity and organization as the only way to cope with these predatory policies.

What certainly stands Comrade Martin Villa is your personal example, modesty, brotherhood, solidarity when needed, courage, sacrifice, his strong calls attention but exalting, weighted and respect. He knew how to listen and learn to correct. His talent to educate was tireless in preparing his men, politically, culturally, in caring for the environment, in the military and respect for the interests of the civilian population, compliance with the directives of the higher organisms , conclusions of conferences and plenary sessions, inculcating cohesion above all.

His unconditional sacrifice in pursuit other than those of war departures was one of its main strengths, we will continue holding high for the good of Colombian society, for the most needy and humble in our country.

Commander Martin, from these trenches in the battle of ideas for transformation and democratic spaces open to solve the serious problems facing the majority, say it. His example we will take up.

Comrade Martin: We Jury Win and Win!