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Release of political prisoners of war, Column Biohó Sunday. FARC EP

Political prisoners of war, Column Biohó Sunday. FARC EP
strike intensifies in Eron-Picota

Political Prisoners of War held at the Penitentiary and Prison ERON PICOTA BOGOTA inform public opinion:

While in the midst of the Dialogues of Havana is talk of de-escalation, delivering findings of various committees, visits plenipotentiaries of supra regional organizations signing of partial agreements reached and imminent signing of the peace treaty, in prisons in Colombia victims the dehumanizing prison system, according to a criminal policy founded on revenge and punishment, we are still waiting to hear and feel in his own body, what is La Paz.

While we do not know the recent releases through the pardon of 24 colleagues, we note equally the mantle of uncertainty that was woven around this procedure. A series of delaying tactics argued in Pachydermia of a bureaucracy that makes a couple of centuries ceased to be at the service of the people to serve itself, but beyond this, reveal that the Pachydermia is present in the political will of the Government regarding the situation of political prisoners of war of the FARC-EP. Therefore, it is not yet known what will happen to the remaining four berths remaining to complete all the 30 pardons announced more than two months ago.

It becomes annoying and infuriating for and more than fifteen hundred comrades deprived of liberty reiterating for the umpteenth time, that this lack of will is manifested equally in breach of Gesture for Peace regarding Brigades Health and Concentrations in backyards and certain prisons.

The situation of prisoners and political prisoners of war at the national level, despite the protests made during the previous week by peers through the hunger strike in ERON STOCKS, has not been addressed at all. Yesterday was sent to the area of ​​INPEC Health in afternoon striker Edgar Marín Luis Cifuentes in a state of dehydration. The response of the nurse on duty was void because there was no medical professional, nor was serums, taking vital signs, even a glass of water for our comrade. This means that we have to climb progressively protest.

So, from 0600 today comrades Juan Carlos Garay Cadena Chimby and Cesar Ramos, their mouths sewn with the third striker Jose Quintero Cartagena. The National Government headed by the Colombian government and forces us to use and act in terms of progressive scaling. Language antónimo to manifest in Havana Cuba. No clutch remember that amid all the dialogues Colombia is present, and less abstractly, we are present all and all political prisoners of war, all political prisoners and all social and popular movements.

It is paradoxical that we speak different languages, the sorry state of health of our shows this. What it does is paradoxical is that the role of the gesture of peace we are present, as well as the discursive language of the same, more action words end in a gaseous state that it becomes difficult to breathe.

We make the invitation to the national government peace delegations in Havana Cuba, the guarantor countries, to neutral and supranational organizations, reflect and address what forth herein.