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With dirty war and para-militarism we shall never achieve peace


We inform the community of Guamocó and around in the general area of ​​Puerto Claver in the Bagre our organization is strongly confronting criminal structures and paramilitary gangs that have shown no mercy against the humble people of these regions.

As far this year the farmers have been murdered 20 years Jair Suarez and Francisco Moreno 84, joining a 5 farmers more missing finalized and December. In the village of El Coral they kidnapped and threatened its inhabitants for more than 20 hours. Have been harassed residents of the villages of La Llana, holy people, moqui, Pisingo, Spring, Santa Rosa, Caño Ñeque, La Arenosa, Ralito and Customs who have been displaced to Puerto Claver and El Bagre.

Nowhere the voice of the Church denouncing these facts, nor the mass media or the Red Cross or human rights defenders is heard. Little has made the security forces to prevent these abuses become public knowledge paramilitary deployment that make from their camps in Cuturu.

The extorsivo paramilitarism tissue extends over the population under the infamous principle that “everyone should contribute something.” There are houses down with armed structures that tax compromising the economies of small and medium businesses, grocers, drugstores, pumps and gas stations, hardware stores and spare parts, miners, traders of food, peasant growers of coca leaf and all type of activity that the local paramilitary groups consider source of income to support their criminal structures, including threats to human rights defenders, land claimants and popular leaders.

The government and its spokesmen in the Dialogue should understand that may not be the transformation of an armed organization open to debate in public places, ideas and visions of the country’s political movement without weapons, if the state paramilitary can not unmount disguised as a criminal gang.

With all known historical examples of treachery and killings Colombia political opposition can not tolerate victimization by the state. Paramilitarism has been the most effective mechanism they have used in their counterinsurgency struggle. It’s time to clarify and initiate the complete dismantling of the paramilitary phenomenon.

And an organized communities rise up, speak out and demand the withdrawal of their territories who both damage and terror have caused them; only then will it be possible to sow the seeds of peace and justice we deserve.

Mobilize and around the final end of the conflict and the extermination of the causes that originated it. War or peace are issues that concern us all Colombians and we are obliged to speak out. With dirty war and paramilitarism we never achieve peace.

Company Gerardo Guevara

Magdalena Medio Bloc FARC – EP

Northeast Mountains Antioqueño