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Prompt Rectification is Required

Not for the moment affect hope for peace. Invigorating necessary prudence and confidence, it is what suits the supreme good of peace.

By Ruben Zamora, a guerrilla of the FARC-EP

Among the actions that the government should rectify promptly, is the mass capture of peasants by military units in the departments of Meta and Huila, just to give two examples. In La Uribe, Meta, in early December, the army captured thirteen peasants without any evidence. The front men, of which they are accused, is a crude hoax to expel residents of a territory historically occupied, which rightfully belongs to them, but still they are lands of the nation, as required by law.

Reasonably, what should the state do with those families, it is formalizarles the property as established in the agreement Comprehensive Rural Reform for a new Colombian countryside.

the same operation performed against farmers in the municipality of La Macarena, Meta, supposedly to recover allegedly illegally appropriated by the FARC EP lands of the nation is replicated in La Uribe. And if so, would the dialogue table space to address that issue, as others have occurred in reason and in the context of internal armed conflict. A serious partner in a process as delicate as this, in which the fate of the country is defined addresses issues related to the armed conflict with extreme caution and, even more, to avoid causing new victims. Who will answer for the remaining homeless caught up legally? They have not thought that respond affected by families, especially children? And they tell them what their rights?

So the alleged illegal appropriation of land by the FARC EP has no logical handle. These farmers are being re-victimized by the state after decades of neglect. Depriving them of freedom is an illegitimate and unconstitutional, is inconsistent with the need to move towards reconciliation and peace and institutional obligations under Title I, more precisely Articles 2 and 5, and enshrining Title II, chapter I and II of the constitutional Charter, which refers to fundamental rights.

We have always jealously care of this territory up to life itself, so it means for the nation and for the communities living there. We have made efforts to ensure that the agricultural frontier is not extended, taking care of the Natural Parks of Chiribiquete, Tinigua, La Macarena, Los Picachos, and Sumapaz. Not that we claim this land as a heritage of the insurgency, but as ecosystems which must be preserved for the benefit of humanity.

And we should have prioritized this area for Comprehensive Rural Reform, by the conditions of extreme poverty in their communities live, by abandonment to have been submitted by the State and by the intensity and the effects of the social and armed conflict. But it is happening quite the contrary, has been prioritized for oil holdings, the prosecution of innocent and provocations by the security forces. Since we declared the unilateral ceasefire intensified military operations, the entry of food, medicine and other supplies, especially against guerrilla units that we are preparing for the challenges of reconciliation and peace is controlled.

It is annoying that these arbitrary practices of the F.F. M.M. occur under the ministry of Luis Carlos Villegas. It can not be denied that his appointment to high office caused great expectation and hope for peace. He had been part of the government delegation at the talks in Havana, where he worked alongside delegates our long hours, trying to build agreement on the point of comprehensive agricultural development. He was one of those who in many difficult moments helped to find ways of settlement.

Today we must say that these dynamics of the state through the Attorney General and the armed forces are an offense to human dignity and goodwill of peace. No help create confidence in the possibility of a return to civilian life, who is absent from hatred of the counterparty and certainly bloodstains inside our guerrilla force.

Colombian military forces are obliged to provide us with trust and certainty that will not be repeated as painful as those the country has experienced episodes. This corresponds to dismantle the doctrines, legislation and counterinsurgency structures and implement a sovereign and humanist military doctrine, encouraged by dynamics of reconciliation.

Hopefully the general report to the Minister Villegas our clandestine stations and overall our rebel troops, in response to the fences and locks to the entry of food by the military brigades, sent them both sent messages calling on them to respect the unilateral ceasefire and reconciliation. And make no mistake, there is no question of military weakness but of belief in the need to achieve a stable and lasting peace.

Not for the moment affect hope for peace. Invigorating necessary prudence and confidence, it is what suits the supreme good of peace.

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