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The technical-material and human conditions are created for the academic year 2017 will start this Monday, March 7, at the top polytechnic school of Mbanza Congo, northern Zaire province.

The guarantee was given on Saturday to ANGOP, the deputy dean for academic area, Cecilia Chibinda, adding that the institution enrolled 386 new students who joined the thousand and 685 former students.

Academic informed that, for the moment, the school has 35 teachers, among national and foreign (Cuban).

The higher education institution, which exists since 2010, is part of the third academic area of ​​the university on November 11, based in Cabinda province.

Courses as teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology and Business Management are taught in this institution, which meets in three shifts, morning, afternoon and after work.

The fact that most teachers (national) be in the condition of employees was appointed as the great difficulty.