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Three large cliffs dazzled by the beauty and grandeur. They are the most coveted places by tourists, both domestic and foreign. They are, above all, three brands, the most important of the beauties of Angola. Therefore, in the list of 27 candidates to the natural wonders of Angola. Each (or all) may be part of the Seven Wonders. The decision will be made in April.

The Barra do Dande, in Bengo, it is recognized for providing leisure and for its well-preserved and undeniably beautiful beaches. It is one of the natural highlights of Bengo, for its stunning cliffs.

Godfather Bengo: Bangão, musician

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The Slit Tundavala is the natural window of Huila facing plateau to the Namib Desert. Located a little more than two thousand meters above sea level, it is surrounded by towering cliffs of the mountains of Chela.

For its attractive beauty and characteristics, it was classified as natural and cultural landscape in 2012 by the Government. Native communities consider it also as the place where the spirits of their ancestors took refuge, closing in invisible drawers.

Godfather of Huila: Benedito Kayela, Journalist

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The Moon Viewpoint is a tourist point of mandatory stop and is part of the imaginary of Angolans. She became even more famous for being the setting of the film ‘The Moon Viewpoint’, the Portuguese director Jorge António, shot in 1993 and got the special award of achievement at the Gramado Festival in Brazil. The viewpoint is the result of erosion of mountains caused by wind and rain, which succeeded the lunar landscape type that there is.

Godfather of Luanda: Eduardo Paim, singer